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4. Take Advantage of Uniquely Functional Vehicles

Vehicle wrap

The tanker in the picture doesn't quite nail it, but I love the idea that this truck could be full of Pepsi on it's way to Circle K. But your product doesn't have to be a liquid to advertise on a tanker truck. How about a truck full of elbow grease so you can work harder for your customers? Or a delivery of glue because you'll stick it out till the end. Or an entire tanker of whoop-ass because a single can just isn't enough. Doing print ad on the side of a bus is fine, but isn't going to make you rich. Different is good - a dump truck wrapped to be a delivery of money to your investors, a garbage truck full of good ideas that weren't good enough for you, a cement truck with a logo that's both upside down and right side up, just the fact that you thought it through enough to do both will impress potential customers and get you some attention. Check out some of our vehicle wrap deals.

5. Do Something Interesting with Fleet Vehicles

Vehicle wrap

Not every company has a fleet of trucks or vans to work with, but if you do, consider it a fleet of free advertising. That many vehicles is a huge investment, so make it work hard for you. Wrap those suckers in something different every month or quarter or year. Try as many ideas as you can afford and see what works. Do something unique to your industry and make is very visual. If you install cable, make it a giant television set. If you are a landscaping company, make it look like a riding lawn mower. The key is variety and accountability. Keep track of what works. And above all, don't be annoying. Loud colors, a huge logo, phone numbers, websites - none of this matters as much as getting and keeping someone's attention.

6. Think Outside of Mobile Ads

Staircase wrap

Vehicle wraps are great, but any large format printer/installer worth their salt can wrap just about anything. A waterfall of M&M's cascading down a flight of stairs is fantastic concept and execution. This ad takes advantage of both the unique shape of the product and a unique location. Consider an average day in the life of your target customer. Spend some time where they spend time and look for a place or object to wrap that will highlight an aspect of your product. If you sell office furniture, make all the seats in the mall food court look like your desk chairs. If you make paint, put a huge, fake spill on a sidewalk. If you own a coffee shop, make the outdoor trash cans look like coffee cups. Creativity makes money.

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