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Marketing that Evokes a Response

Your marketing campaigns are designed to attract potential customers and lead them to do something. You want them to respond immediately and take action: place an order, opt into an email list, follow a social media account, make a phone call to find out more information, or visit a webpage.

Direct mail is still the best way to bring attention to your organization, even when contacting millennial audiences. Along with web, social media, mobile, email, and in-store elements, our innovative Direct Response Marketing solution helps you coordinate all of the moving parts, simplifying the process and making life easier for you. We help maintain consistent messaging and graphics across every phase and component, while offering features like call tracking, mail tracking, IP retargeting, and more.

As the premier provider of direct response marketing, we are fast, flexible, and dedicated to your success, ready to work with you to develop and execute creative, impactful, and highly responsive campaigns. We are committed to delivering optimal quality, a painless experience, and complete satisfaction to you and your organization.

Key Elements of Direct Response Marketing

  • Trackable – When a person responds to the campaign, we can track which advertisement (or other marketing component) led them to to act.

  • Measurable – Based on the tracking data, we can then measure the effectiveness of each advertisement or component based on sales and return on investment.

  • Compelling – Direct response marketing takes a more editorial approach with attention-grabbing headlines and strong copy and messaging.

  • Targeted – Each advertisement is designed for specific prospects within a narrow target market, defined by vertical, geographic zone, or niche market.

  • Specific – The message is a specific, value-packed offer that asks the prospect to respond in a certain way (for example, opt into an email list or request a free report).

  • Personalized – The offer addresses the prospect’s interests, desires, frustrations, and fears, focusing on the potential customer rather than on the advertiser.

  • Capture – The offer also focuses on a “call to action” that compels prospects to do something specific. This part of the campaign includes a means of response and collection of those responses.

  • Response – Direct response marketing makes it easy for interested prospects to make contact through phone, email, recorded message line, website, reply card, or coupon.

  • Follow-up – Prospects’ contact information is collected, making effective follow-up possible. They are provided with a second offer and “call to action.”

  • Refine – Captured responses are thoroughly analyzed in order to refine future targeting and marketing campaigns.

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