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"I didn’t get the e-mail." Those are words you always hate to hear. You can’t keep a project on track unless you can consistently communicate and collaborate with team members. But e-mail systems can be problematic — rejecting large files, dropping messages into junk folders, losing information in cyberspace.

ConstructionVaults includes features to keep your communication and correspondence efficient, effective, and easy to track.

  • Keep communications on track
  • Easily notify team of changes
  • Track communications
  • Search function for e-mails
  • Integrated communication

ConstructionVaults includes e-mail integration, allowing you to store e-mail communication about your project within the solution. You don’t have to worry about compatibility with different e-mail systems or losing communications in someone’s over-full inbox. You also avoid the problem of trying to send your large files over e-mail as your team can see messages and the associated files in one location.

In addition, you can track communication with a search function, ensuring you see the entire string of messages and giving you an audit trail. You see the same message everyone else sees without the worry of someone on the team being left out.

Contact us for more details on how the ConstructionVaults communication and correspondence management features can help keep your projects on track.

Football season is upon us! Are your stores prominently featuring their tailgating section? Do they have extensive signage directing your customers to those sections? You can’t sell it if they can’t see it! See what some other retailers are doing to bring in the fans. At Thomas Reprographics, Visualogistix gives you the consistent quality that helps your customers find what they want — and buy it. Your customers are bombarded with hundreds of pictures, graphics and messages — and that’s before they even get to your store! You want your investment in your brand to pay off with signs, graphics, and other material that make it easy for customers to find what they need and buy what they want. And sometimes to buy what you want! The easier their shopping experience is at your store, the more often they’ll come back. Visualogistix is the partner that can help you achieve that objective. Perfect for internal and external applications!

  • Full Color Banners
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Window Clings
  • Stanchion Signs
  • Asphalt Graphics
  • Standing Cutouts
  • Point of Purchase
  • Floor Graphics
  • Hanging Signs
  • Popup Banner Stands
  • Backlit Graphics

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When everyone contributes ideas to a project from start to finish, you get better results faster. ContructionVaults gives you a single place for all authorized users to view and contribute to the design and construction process. Access design files, BIM models, share ideas, track discussions, and ensure everyone is on the same page from start to finish. Eliminate the need to e-mail huge attachments by keeping complex documents in one secure location.

Visibility and Input

  • View the same files, models, discussions
  • Generate ideas and contributions
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness

Your project is a team effort, and without contribution from every team member, you can’t get your best results. With ConstructionVaults, you have a place where everyone can come to collaborate in a virtual project center.

Share, View, Merge — Collaborate!

ConstructionVaults makes it easy for everyone on the team – designers, project managers, contractors, engineers — to get the same information and provide valuable input. Authorized team members can share their portions of the project and merge with other contributions to ensure quality results. Use ConstructionVaults to ensure that everyone on the team is in sync, regardless of physical location. It’s like having a virtual conference room dedicated to your project, and members of the project team are the only ones with a key. Contact us for more details on how ConstructionVaults can increase the collaboration in your projects.

Burger Planet

Before anyone takes a bite at your restaurant, you’re making an impression. Your signs, menus, and other collateral material are your first chance to establish your brand identity with your customers. You want these items to look perfect and maintain consistency with your brand, especially if you have multiple locations. Thomas Reprographics is sensitive to these needs and we make your business our priority! Whether you are displaying your brand on a poster, window clings, or on a wrapped vehicle, our top quality products using the latest technology and the finest materials available transform any surface into an eye-catching business sign. From a single location to an entire chain, Thomas Reprographics has the right solution for the restaurant industry’s printing needs. Offering outdoor, indoor, back-of-house applications and everything in between. For 10% off any of our large format color graphics or to download our restaurant brochure, click here.

Every day, you face the same challenges. You have to manage change. You have to control costs. You have to deliver consistent quality. You have to get the project done. To do this, you have to coordinate with different people, various companies, and competing priorities across time zones and using a variety of technologies. These challenges can make each day hard to face. Today is a new day. ConstructionVaults from Thomas Reprographics puts you back in control. You get easy access to the technology you need to track changes, assign actions, communicate updates, purchase supplies, hire contractors, and maintain consistency. In short, you get the power to succeed. And you get all this without significant investments in technology. Whether you create projects, manage projects, build projects, or purchase supplies, ConstructionVaults puts you in control, saves you time, and keeps you on budget.

Centralized, Simplified Control

Our Content Management features give you and your team members one place to collaborate, update, and track changes to your construction documents. The document owner sets permissions for viewing, commenting, and revising, so there’s no concern about unauthorized changes. You also can see who made what revisions and when each change was made. With ConstructionVaults, you can:

  • Easily upload and share documents with other team members
  • Collaboratively review and mark-up documents
  • Create a hierarchal folder structure to store and share documents
  • Designate levels of authority (read, comment, revise, etc.) to team members
  • Find documents using a powerful search function and indexed content
  • Track and manage revisions and versions with a precise audit trail
  • Protect documents while they are being edited with check-in/check-out capability

Click here for additional details on these services.

Window clings are a popular media for retailers who want to incorporate mobile web content into their signage using QR codes. See some real life examples here. If you’re looking into this as a marketing opportunity, Thomas Reprographics can help! We can produce colorful window display graphics that will attract attention and beautify the structure they adorn.

  • Window Clings - These beautiful prints are durable enough to be used indoors or out, and are printed with UV rated inks to resist fading. Available in clear, white and view thru materials.
  • Stanchion Signs - Stanchion signs are ideal for displaying information or directing traffic in open areas, and are available in a variety of sizes and styles for every type of environment.
  • Direct-to-Board Prints - Printed directly to many flexible and rigid substrates for a world of creative options. Prints can then be die cut to any shape desired.
  • Floor Graphics - These full-color, self-adhesive, permanent or removable floor graphics can adhere to almost any smooth surface. Once printed, floor graphics can be contour-cut to any shape or size.
  • Department Signage - Print your graphics and signage directly to a rigid substrate and cut them out in any shape you want. Hanging hardware is included.
  • Backlit Graphics - Get beautiful photographic prints on high quality translucent or transparent material, perfect for product displays and other backlit applications. Colors are remarkably saturated and true, with dazzling whites and rich blacks.
  • Point of Purchase Graphics – A wide variety of equipment and substrates gives you the flexibility to be as creative in your advertising as your imagination allows.

The eighth annual Topping Out Networking Event and Awards Program was held Thursday, October 6th at the Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas. Since 2002, leaders in the A/E/C industry have met annually to honor the teamwork it takes to create outstanding built environments in the DFW area, to recognize the year’s top ten projects, and to network with peers to discuss the industry’s future.

Topping Out 2011 signified a coming together of the building industry in more ways than one. Awards were handed out not on the basis of individual achievement but rather in honor of the collective accomplishments of the entire team responsible for a project’s success. Former Dallas Mayor and A/E/C executive, Tom Leppert, was the honorary chair of the event. Event co-chairs were Myriam Camargo of Camargo Copeland Architects, Jessica Ferrell of Austin Commercial and David Neal of Chamberlin Roofing & Waterproofing.

The Botanical Research Institute of Texas was this year’s winner, submitted by Corgan Associates, Inc. and H3 Hardy Collaboration Architecture LLC. Congratulations to all the finalists this year! Thomas Reprographics was a gold sponsor of this year’s event along with HKS, Inc., Engineering News Record-ENR Texas and Louisiana and The Blue Ocean. The beneficiaries of Topping Out areThe University of Texas at Arlington, School of Architecture and The ARC of Dallas.

Students at the University of Texas of Arlington displayed representative work at the Topping Out event. The work included student projects currently being completed in the School of Architecture design studios. During the event, the students were available to discuss their work and interact with industry professionals. The Topping Out event is among the flagship fundraising efforts for The Arc of Dallas. For more than 50 years, The Arc of Dallas has been serving people with developmental disabilities including mental retardation, autism and Down Syndrome.

To learn more about Topping Out, visit

See how Visualogistix, a new service from Thomas Reprographics, helps the education market by allowing them to update their high quality marketing collateral quickly and easily while maintaining a consistent brand. Visualogistix gives you:

  • All your materials — brochures, reading packets, posters, signs, flyers, etc. — stored electronically (instead of stacked in closets all over campus)
  • Your own Web page to order your collateral — with 24/7 access from anywhere in the world
  • The ability to establish standards for customization — and consistency — across the college or university
  • Access for others in the school to order collateral as needed — within your established approval process
  • Reduced time — and the associated costs — spent managing revisions, storage, inventory, and obsolescence.

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Does your firm chalk up printing and copying to overhead? Do you rely on the honor system to record reimbursable expenses? See how Argos 7 from Sepialine can help you tap into the most lucrative revenue source available.

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to advertise your business in this tough economy? It’s as simple as a sign or banner with eye-catching verbiage and bright colors that last much longer than a typical social media ad. See what Rhonda Adams has to say about signs.

Check out Asphalt Art Media—the most eye-popping way to transform ordinary ground and surface materials such as asphalt, concrete and untreated stone into stunning, vibrant advertising canvases! Call Thomas Reprographics to see your design using Asphalt Art!

In retail sales, first impressions are important — and so is every additional impression! That’s why you work so hard to develop eye-popping collateral with consistent branding and powerful messages. Now you want to be sure it looks perfect in every location, gets there on time and on spec, and not spend all your time monitoring quality or maintaining inventory. Visualogistix gives you:

  • All your collateral — brochures, posters, signs, flyers, etc. — stored electronically (instead of stacked in a closet)
  • Your own Web page to order your collateral — with 24/7 access from anywhere in the world
  • The ability to establish standards for customization — and consistency — across the organization
  • Access for others in the organization to order collateral as needed — within your established approval process
  • Reduced time — and the associated costs — spent managing revisions, storage, inventory, and obsolescence.

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See how Visualogistix, a new service from Thomas Reprographics, helps the restaurant industry by managing its marketing collateral. Instead of letting signs, menus, displays and other material get outdated because it’s too hard to make changes, you can quickly and easily make changes, while ensuring high quality and brand consistency. Visualogistix gives you:

  • All your collateral — signs, displays, menus, brochures, posters, etc. — stored electronically
  • Your own Web page to order your collateral — with 24/7 access from anywhere
  • The ability to establish standards for customization — and consistency — which is especially important when you have multiple restaurants and a variety of locations
  • Access for others in the organization (for example, managers of franchise restaurants) to update and order collateral as needed — within your established approval process
  • Reduced time — and the associated costs — spent managing revisions, production details, inventory, and obsolescence.

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Visualogistix logo

Check out how Visualogistix from Thomas Reprographics can help educational departments or universities by managing its information and marketing collateral. With Visualogistix, you can:

  • Store all materials (brochures, reading packets, posters, signs, flyers, etc.) electronically (instead of stacking them in closets all over campus)
  • Have your own web page to order collateral — with 24/7 access from anywhere in the world
  • Establish standards for customization — and consistency — across the college or university
  • Give access to others in the school to order collateral as needed — within your established approval process
  • Reduce the time and the associated costs spent managing revisions, storage, and inventory.

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Take a look at this link and see how Cameron Sinclair with Architecture for Humanity is responding to the earthquake in Japan and similar cities struck by natural disasters.

At Thomas Reprographics, we’re not just in the printing business because we like to print things. Our job is to understand our clients' goals and needs, earn their trust and prove that we’re a valuable asset that has many different types of services to help meet those goals.

Take a look at these crazy construction conundrums. We know our customers would never make these mistakes, but if you find yourself with something you need to cover up, Thomas Reprographics is here to help. Printing and installing custom banners or building wraps is our specialty. We’ll also print your architectural drawings to repair the mishap.

There's nothing like game day. Whether you spend your Friday nights under the lights, Saturday afternoons in the sun, Sundays tailgating in the lot of your favorite stadium or Monday nights parked in front of the TV, you're bound to understand the magic incited by three words: It's. Game. Day. The Super Bowl takes that excitement to a whole new level, and you've likely discovered that we're ready for February. We're so excited, in fact, that we've decorated accordingly:

That's right—we've got Super Bowl-themed vehicle wraps, window clings, and lightboxes!

Building banner

Have you recently found yourself wondering, “How do I advertise my business for the Super Bowl?” Here’s a little reminder from us: we think building banners are super cool!  Seven long days before kickoff, ESPN coverage for the Super Bowl begins in Sundance Square deep in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas. With the Fort Worth skyscrapers and buildings in the background, tens of thousands of fans will converge on Sundance Square as millions tune in from all over the world. Here at Thomas Reprographics, we can’t imagine a better time to take advantage of our large-format printing abilities. If you can visualize the huge statement a building banner could make for your business, consider giving Thomas Reprographics a call today at 1.800.TRREPRO.

According to the McGraw-Hill Construction Forecast, the nation’s construction industry will begin a slow recovery next year.

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