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Make Sure Everyone Is on the Same Page. Literally.

Large-scale projects – like those common in construction, manufacturing, and more – require everyone to be on the same page. The entire team needs to be working from the same set of documents, and you need a way to make sure changes are tracked, updates are complete, and all parts of the project are archived.

Document Scanning & Management from Thomas Printworks is your solution. You get a central, easy-to-use depository for all your project documents, so everyone involved has access to the latest information. As a result, projects stay on schedule, problems are avoided, and costs are reduced. We simplify the process so that you can spend your valuable time pushing your company forward.

Our Document Management Solution includes:

  • Personalized Access – Your dedicated web portal stores all your project documents for everyone involved. Permission levels for viewing, changing, and approving documents are at your discretion. When changes are made, key project leaders receive notification and can track changes.

  • Contact Management & Communication – You set automated communications rules to notify project members of changes, requests for review, project updates, etc. Whenever a change is made to a designated document, key project participants know about it. You can also use the site to store contact information.

  • Bid Management – Your site includes tools to simplify and automate the bid process. The site also stores information about specific jobs and contractors for future use in calling for and awarding bids.

  • Scanning – Turn paper documents into electronic files for easier storage and searching. We can scan documents of any size into virtually any electronic format.

  • Storage – Completed project documents are stored for future reference or duplication. Your web portal provides an easy search function to find documents without rummaging through old storage boxes in the closet.

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