Written by Miguel Correa


The days of drab and institutional-looking hospitals and urgent care facilities are finally gone! Hooray for color and the feeling of warmth while visiting a place filled with trauma and angst. Out are the beiges, yellows and cold-looking walls. In are full color wall murals, gorgeous art pieces and unique branding opportunities all over. Gone are simple banners and foam board. In are direct print metallic dibond panels, adhesive vinyl and dreamscape wall murals, custom printed acrovyn, floor graphics, magnetic signage and so much more. With the help of printers and signmakers, health care facilities are now able to achieve a whole new state of being.

No one ever enjoys going to the hospital. The dreary atmosphere certainly does not contribute to the experience whatsoever. Patients find most hospitals to be gloomy, making their experiences much worse than they should be. Hospital rooms are often dark and colorless, making patients and guests feel miserable during their stay. Dental care facilities are considered rigid and sterile, which makes people hesitant to visit the dentist. Seniors are already unhappy about being sent to live in homes, but the fact that these homes lack color or style does not ease their discomfort at all. Children’s hospitals are taking a step in the right direction by coloring their walls with bursting scenery and images that make their patients feel comfortable. General hospitals are beginning to catch on as they attempt to make their institutions have more of a spa-like feel. The idea behind changing up hospital interiors is to take patients’ minds off what they are going through, making people feel like they are staying at a hotel rather than focusing on the negatives.  

There is no limit to what printing can achieve at these facilities. Massive campuses that were once difficult to navigate are now making use of all kinds of graphics to make finding your way around easy. Artwork is utilized all over hospitals, dental care facilities, senior living residences, and more to be able to lift not only patient spirits, but also those who work daily at these places. Even trauma units are being canvased as possible spaces for wall art. The central focus of the artwork is towards the beauty found in nature due to the soothing effect that nature has on people. That being said, wall art calms patients and also distracts them from what lies ahead. Just a few of the common areas displaying newfound forms of artwork are elevators, entrances, waiting rooms, hallways, patient rooms and even cafeterias. Sleek architectural design and the consultants involved in these projects are helping to ease hospitals into this new state of beautification, adding to the overall ambiance. 

Design consultants, printers, and facility managers have all come together to make health care facilities into a more welcoming environment. The facility ownership is proving they care by the remodeling being done towards design and build-out. The next time you are in one of these facilities, don’t settle for an uncomfortable atmosphere. Go someplace where the warmth is felt.

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