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Trade show display graphics are an excellent way to help you stand out in a crowd and appeal to an audience of people that are inherently interested in what you do. First impressions are lasting impressions, and your display booth can attract new potential customers, based simply on eye-catching trade show display graphics. Thomas Reprographics can create the type of look you need to stand out in a crowd.

In a packed room full of messages that are blaring at customers, you need to make sure your exhibition booth has trade show display graphics that will draw customers your way. Exhibit halls have flashing lights, loud music, competing messages and are basically a series of distractions competing for attention. When your booth only has a few seconds to create an impression that will trigger a decision, your graphics had better be dazzling.

Thomas Reprographics has a long history of creating trade show display graphics that create the right impression and stand out from the crowd of cluttered messages. Simple, large, stunning and bright messages are what will draw people in. Thomas Reprographics carries several lines of pop-up display booths, tabletop booths, and backlight boxes to show off your trade show graphics. We utilize the latest in large format printers, including inkjets that print on waterproof fabric and allow you to complete your trade show presentation with custom table drapes and director's chairs—the types of things that impress customers and help your message come through.

Because your time is valuable and is better spent selling your message to customers than worrying about setting up a display, Thomas Reprographics specializes in trade show display graphics setups that are quick and easy to set up and take down. For example, our 10-foot pop up display is extremely lightweight, but also extremely strong. We offer a lifetime warranty on the frame, which expands to a full-sized exhibit in less than 15 minutes.

For a completely customized, rigid look, Thomas Reprographics has fabric or graphic panels attached with magnetic strips that deliver a seamless, professional appearance. Sections of the pop-up can be backlit for eye-catching, dynamic impact. When it comes to trade show display graphics and to your exhibit space, stunning colors and design must be complimented by flexibility, portability and visibility. For everything you need to make sure your trade show display graphics look their absolute best, Thomas Reprographics has the solution. Click here to learn more about trade show graphics from Thomas Reprographics. Call 1-877-312-7347 to speak with a Thomas Reprographics Print Expert to learn more.

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