Marketing - Getting the 5 Essentials "Right"
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This will not be any new knowledge to you marketers out there. But, this can hopefully give you a new perspective when considering the fundamentals of your nxt marketing campaign. You will notice that many of the points reference each other, this is because in order to have an effective marketing campaign, all of these decisions influence others.

1. Create the right message.

Before you start writing copy, know your customer base and what is relevant to them. For example, if you’re a car dealership, don’t try to sell new cars to people who have purchased one within the last 12 months, even if you’re offering a great deal. Send them a discount on their next service visit instead.

Who is the customer you're targeting and what kind of messaging grabs their attention? What tactic will work best for your audience and your product? After answering all of those questions, craft a message towards that.

2. Target the right audience.

Who is it that you're trying to get ahold of? Make a buyer persona for the general type of person you are targeting. What is their profession, what do they do for work, what are their hobbies and interests? This isn't to be too general or sexist or anything else, but to understand the type of person you aiming for and how you should cater your messaging to them and also what channels to use. Let's look at this example below.

The importance of targeting can be summed up in the experience of one diet and fitness company. The company targeted women in a specific demographic. The mailer had a great product, a great offer, and used a strong call to action. The campaign bombed. Why? The company mailed to the heads of households, which were primarily male in its target area.

I am sure some of the heads of households in the area passed it onto a woman living in their household, but then they look at the offer and see it's catered towards women but is addressed to a man..? Personally, I would be confused.

If the mailer built a buyer persona for their target audience, I'm sure they would have had a better idea of how to get ahold of their target audience. For example, let's use the information from above and also our imagination to build a buyer persona.

They are targeting women in the area who want to workout, or want to get into shape. I'm sure they would love any business from women 18 and up, but who is the primary audience there they are targeting? Is it women who are 18-25? 25-45? 45 and up? It matters! For the younger age group, we would go and target any colleges in the area and think about where they would be in the surrounding areas. Are there any big events going on? Concerts? Shopping centers? What is their average income? What kind of message would even be worth it to them? Is it primarily about getting the best deal possible or going to a quality place? For the 25-45 age group we would think working professionals. What do a lot of them like to do? Where would they be? What is their average income? What is their top decision making preferences when considering a gym? And it goes on. When we say to target the right audience, this is what we mean we say target the right audience. KNOW them.

3. Get the timing right.

When you mail or blast, your communication matters — a lot. Think about donations. Charities often solicit in the spring, but unless people are regular donors, they typically do the bulk of their gifting in December, right before tax season ends. Timing can make a huge difference in your success.

When is going to be a good time for your target audience to be wanting your product?

4. Select the right channel.

Some people block phone calls, but read email. Others block email, but accept phone calls. Direct mail always gets through, some look and some don't. What channels of social media do they use? Know your customers and what channels they prefer. Consider where your target audience will be and consider using posters or fliers in those areas they will be. Use the channels you have the best chance of getting in front of your target audience, and you’ll maximize your opportunity for success.

5. Focus on the right reason.

Successful campaigns are based not just on what people buy, but why. What are the emotional triggers that motivate your audience to make a purchase? New parents want to ensure that their children are happy and safe. New homeowners want to protect their investments. Understand the “why” as much as the “what.” This then in turn goes back to messaging. When you can target the 'why' your audience would care, you know better how to form your messaging.

When considering the channels and locations you are going to use, let us be of assistance. Our direct mailing capabilities and technology used help it to be numerous times over more successful. Whether its a sign, fliers, or direct mail, with Thomas Printworks you can expect nothing but quality and great service. Tell us about your project and we will send you a quote!

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