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Every day, you face the same challenges. You have to manage change. You have to control costs. You have to deliver consistent quality. You have to get the project done. To do this, you have to coordinate with different people, various companies, and competing priorities across time zones and using a variety of technologies. These challenges can make each day hard to face. Today is a new day. ConstructionVaults from Thomas Reprographics puts you back in control. You get easy access to the technology you need to track changes, assign actions, communicate updates, purchase supplies, hire contractors, and maintain consistency. In short, you get the power to succeed. And you get all this without significant investments in technology. Whether you create projects, manage projects, build projects, or purchase supplies, ConstructionVaults puts you in control, saves you time, and keeps you on budget.

Centralized, Simplified Control

Our Content Management features give you and your team members one place to collaborate, update, and track changes to your construction documents. The document owner sets permissions for viewing, commenting, and revising, so there’s no concern about unauthorized changes. You also can see who made what revisions and when each change was made. With ConstructionVaults, you can:

  • Easily upload and share documents with other team members
  • Collaboratively review and mark-up documents
  • Create a hierarchal folder structure to store and share documents
  • Designate levels of authority (read, comment, revise, etc.) to team members
  • Find documents using a powerful search function and indexed content
  • Track and manage revisions and versions with a precise audit trail
  • Protect documents while they are being edited with check-in/check-out capability

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