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IDEAlliance designates Houston facility as G7 Master Qualified

DALLAS, TX – June 29, 2013 – Thomas Reprographics announced today it has been awarded G7® Master Qualification by IDEAlliance, certifying the company’s consistency in color production.

“We’ve always focused on providing consistent, quality color production for our clients,” said Bryan Thomas, CEO of Thomas Reprographics. “The G7 qualification is a validation that our technicians and equipment deliver the quality and consistency that our customers deserve and demand.”

G7 qualification focuses on providing the same gray balance and neutral tonality to ensure products look the same to the human eye, regardless of the material they are printed on or the electronic rendering used. The similarity of the visual appearance across products is critical in ensuring brand consistency for organizations that produce a variety of printed materials. The G7 qualification identifies Thomas Reprographics as a printer that has proven its ability to proof and print to G7 Neutral Print Density Curves, which assures clients they receive consistent output of any printed product.

“I’m proud of the efforts of our technicians to meet these high standards of excellence,” added Thomas. “More and more customers are looking for companies with G7 qualification, which gives them confidence in turning over their important production jobs to us.”

Thomas Reprographics has implemented ColorPath® Sync™ from Fujifilm®, a web-based product that aligns output devices to neutral gray using the G7 methodology.

“The combination of advanced technology and standardized procedures help us ensure consistency across the organization, enabling our high standard for managing the color calibration process,” said Thomas.

The G7 qualification is renewed annually. For more information about IDEAlliance and G7, visit www.idealliance.org/specifications/g7.

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Thomas Reprographics combines more than 55 years of experience in the visual communications, reprographics, printing, and technology industries. No matter how large or small the project – from brochures and flyers to grand format signage and fleet graphics – Thomas Reprographics has the experience and technology to put its clients’ vision on display. Thomas Reprographics is based in Richardson, TX, with 26 locations strategically located across the United States. For more information visit www.thomasrepro.com or call 800-877-3776.

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