1. Create an Atmosphere

Trade show booth

Don't be a one-banner wonder. With the use of three trade show banners and a few small displays, this company was able to turn a boring space into one that not only looks great, but also creates a cozy, warm atmosphere. When you're at a trade show there is a lot of commotion as hundreds or even thousands of people are wandering through various exhibits. When someone arrives at your trade show booth, they need to feel like they are immersed in what you are selling. It's easy to have a trade show banner printed and set up, but by making sure that your exhibits are consistent in style, as well as adding a few small filler pieces, you can make the world of difference. Don't be a one-banner-wonder, instead create a space that represents your business.

2. Grab People's Attention

Trade show booth

The owners of the trade show banner displayed above have used a simple image to make their banner into an optical illusion that easily captures the attention and interest of anyone that looks at it. This technique is great for drawing people in to inspect your trade show banner at which point you can introduce them to your business. This works a lot better than trying to bribe people with swag, and is more cost efficient as well. Also, it gives you something to start your conversation with rather than trying to find a way to break the ice. They key to using illusions however, is to associate the trade show banner with the core of your business so that it is a smooth transition from entertaining to pitching.

3. Use Your Space Effectively

Trade show booth

Most trade shows that you visit will only offer businesses a very limited space to present in unless they have an extremely large budget. Since you only have a limited amount of room to place your trade show banners and other items, you must use it wisely. A few good tips are to include various pieces of furniture or media that will keep people in your booth longer. If you can include a small television that continuously plays your advertisements, it will not only draw people in, but it will also act as a quasi-sales person when you are unable to attend to visitors. Including a podium will allow for space to place a computer, and can also be used to store your belongings so that they are not in plain view. Finally, adding a product shelf or display rack will highlight your merchandise, while your trade show banners act as a backdrop. Stay tuned for more tips on effective use of trade show banners, and in the meantime, find out more about our deals.

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