Breast cancer donation

Thanks to Bettye Guillory of our Houston location who helped raise $800 for the Susan G. Komen foundation. Every Friday during the month of October, Bettye sold lunch plates for Breast Cancer Research in honor of Betty Ann Gremillion and Sharon Haynes. Betty Ann, mother of Chuck, Roger, Pat, Rock and John Gremillion, and co-founder of A&E – The Graphic Complex, lost her battle with Breast Cancer in 1986. Sharon, an A&E employee for eight years, lost her battle with Breast Cancer in 2008. Bettye, pick-up and delivery manager and Thomas employee for almost 20 years, continues to find ways to help around the community. She also helped with Houston’s The Promise of Giving “Back to School Celebration” through Windsor Village United Methodist Church where over $400 was raised to help purchase school supplies. Together, with the rest of the community, the program was able to assist more than 1,700 Houston area families. Continuing in the spirit of Bettye, Houston is already focusing on their next community project by collecting canned goods for the Houston Food Bank. Thanks, Bettye, for continuing to help support others in our community and remind us how important it is to give back!