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The small details speak volumes. Of course, as with every business, the big things like product, price, marketing, location, etc. are determinants of what type of customer you attract. The small details like brand consistency, customer service, personalized emails or appreciation, are what keep them coming back.

Business stationery can be an easily overlooked detail; it’s just notepads, binders and pens, after all. Who even notices, anyway?

This is one of those small details that speaks volumes about your brand.

Why Make the Investment?

One of the biggest reasons why companies decide not to invest in branded stationery is the added cost. Instead of just normal paper, now it has to be this special paper with the company logo on it. Or instead of a small little 99¢ generic pocketbook, there’s a more expensive, branded notebook.

Branding via your stationery set is a vital tool that can improve your business on a large scale. Brand consistency across all platforms, (websites, marketing materials, business stationery, etc.) can "increase revenue by up to 23%". Often, the first presentation of the company to a potential client is through handing out a business card, brochure, or other marketing collateral.

Business stationery builds a positive image for your company. The purpose of branded stationery is to show the business in a decisively professional manner.

“Using stationery makes your business look more professional and credible. The fact that you order stationery conveys your long-term investment in the company.”

It shows that you are invested in the growth and expansion of your business and representation is a high priority. Consumer trust is based off of perception, and presentation of your company plays a huge role in the consumer decisions.

The Nuts and Bolts

The most important aspect of marketing collateral is consistency. The entire purpose for investing in business stationery is to show the business in a decisively professional manner. It adds credibility and professionalism. Inconsistency in colors, appearance (printed crooked or off centered, etc) or style defeat the purpose for why this investment was made.

An article by Forbes magazine emphasizes the power behind selecting colors, but it's important to remember that font and materials are also an important aspect of maintaining consistency.

According to Forbes, "The main motivation behind cultivating a brand identity is to stand out to consumers, ensure they remember your brand and facilitate positive associations with you."

In order to make consistency easier, we recommend selecting one printer to handle all of your needs. Find one that has all the capabilities you need but also advances in what you might not need now, but will need in the future as your business grows.

For consistency among multiple locations or many franchise units, look into branded marketing portals. Branded marketing portals make customization of materials for location and contact information a piece of cake.

Tips and Tricks

Pick sturdy materials. It’s important to pick something durable and realize that “cheapness is not the same as value.”

The most common materials that are picked are Accent, Cougar, Finch or Classic Crest. These are readily available as well as matching “A” size envelopes (common size for announcement envelopes).

Use the white space and design it well. Don’t make it too busy, and use color! "Color improves brand recognition by up to 80%".

Make it relevant. Of course, your marketing collateral and stationery should reflect the mood and visual identity of the brand. Color selection and style can make a big difference in representation and tone.

Try and find the best fit. Try multiple designs and see what best fits Want to plan it all out? Try and create yours and mess around with it? We have templates that allow you to create and design your own ideas!

Less is more. Try not to make it too busy with too much information. Keep the basics. Generally, all marketing collateral contains the following information:

  • Company name
  • Logo
  • Website

...and could also include:

  • Address
  • Contact details
  • Name of a specific employee for business cards or brochures
  • All location details
  • Tagline
  • Year of establishment
  • Social media

Use it as a tool. Take every opportunity to connect clients and potential customers to your “visual identity”.

When in doubt, hand it out. “Using stationery for all your company's communications also helps build your brand. Every time customers open your letters, they immediately see your company's colors, logo or other graphics that identify your business. If you just use regular paper, you miss the chance to connect your customers to your brand's visual identity.”

Every time there is a business card handed out whether it’s for business or more personal matters, your logo gets spread.

Every time a thank you card is sent in the mail with your logo in the corner, your logo is seen.

When in doubt, hand it out. Use every opportunity to get your name out there.

If you leave notes for a client you took regarding their quote on your branded notepad, there’s your logo in the corner as the potential customer reviews their options.

There’s value in providing something useful. I know at my house there’s a jar filled with an array of different pens from various companies. There’s value in giving something useful with your name on it to a potential customer or another costumer. Something that’ll get used. When they write their grocery list, your name is right there on the top of it.

There you have it, folks. Some tips and tricks regarding business stationery from your friends in the printing business. We hope this has been of your service and look forward to helping you get a good deal on your very own stationery. Start designing or get in contact with us today!

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