How Healthcare Uses Branded Environments to Improve Customer Experience
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Hospitals tend to be high up on the list of "places you don't want to go".

Many people delay or dislike going to the hospital for many reasons, but one common complaint is the environment of a hospital.

Many words used to describe hospitals are cold, lonely, intimating, gray, low energy, etc. Now some of these feelings aren't just about the physical environment, and the healthcare industry certainly has stereotypes to fight against. However, many of these descriptions can be changed dramatically by an effort to design a warm and bright atmosphere.

Now we all know that cleanliness is of the highest priority in health facilities. Due to this high code of cleanliness they have to abide by, it has been difficult for the healthcare industry to be at the forefront of office design or branded environments. Think about this:"everything used in these environments, from the paint on the walls to the fabrics in the curtains must be washable, cleanable, and designed to combat germs and bacteria as much as possible".For example, your typical furniture is made out of cloth, but cloth isn't easy to clean. This has lead to limited choices, contributing to the feeling people have that 'all hospitals are the same'.

Now, it's not an issue.

Textiles make it possible, and have become increasingly popular"because new coatings not only make it easier to print vibrant, colorful pieces, they also bring a range of new features such as antibacterial elements to the picture". Along with digital print able to print to the customers specifications on demand, it makes it a 'no-brainer'. Another feature that has become popular is a mesh type material that is being printed and being used for the divider curtains.

The technological advancement on types of materials that can be printed on, and inks that can survive high heat washing or chemicals is what has made this possible. And the healthcare industry is seeing positive movement and feedback from trying to brighter the environment.

In this article, there is a hospital that tried redecorating six rooms, and got such positive feedback immediately made plans to expand it. This hospital included wall murals and window graphics to continue the image to make the room feel like a completely different environment.

Now, an environment that is bright and reflects a nature landscape would crush any premonitions about it being gray, cold or intimidating.

To the world of healthcare, you no longer need to limit your space for fear of that you can't have both function and design.

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