The Makings of a Great Salesperson
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What makes a salesperson successful? A lot of things. But one of the most important aspects of being a successful salesperson is being able to deliver a customer’s vision.

Some visions are complex, such as delivering a large rush order. Some are as easy as printing a single piece of paper. The latter is obviously simpler, but great salespeople find great satisfaction in delivering complex customer visions. This is what allows for the ultimate relationship between the customer and the salesperson. And what allows the salesperson to earn the title of being “great”.

Being the “Custom” Part of the Customer

When a customer calls and makes a request that a company traditionally doesn’t do or provide, a great salesperson will take the time to offer and handle the sourcing of the item needed. If the product does not exist, they should handle the fabrication of it, and then sit back and enjoy the creative payoff and positive relationship sure to develop with the customer.

Customers enjoy having burdens lifted. Great salespeople take ownership of the whole process, from creation to completion. They enjoy watching their customers succeed. A great salesperson has one mission: to start small and grow to learn everything there is to know about their customers.

Availability and Accessibility

Now that the tangible part in the “custom”er scenario has been mentioned, another part that needs to be touched on is availability and accessibility. Everyone has a cellphone, and accessibility is expected. The “9-5” is no longer 9-5.

In juggling emails, calls, meetings, networking, and family (among the many other little stresses and shortcomings of everyday life), availability may be tough to find. Great salespeople let their customers know they can be available anytime and anywhere. If the customer catches them at a bad time, the great salesperson will assure the customer they will fulfill their needs as quickly as possible, and then follow through on that promise consistently.

Out With the Old, In With the New

The days of long print runs are gone. Customers are challenging print salespeople to come up with custom solutions to help them convey their messages. The days of taking the order and making sure the prints are correct are few and far between. The age of being a unique and valuable source of information for the customer has stepped up in its place.

Great salespeople strive to think “outside the box” to help their customers succeed. They are idea consultants, and are able to deliver a complex message in a simple way. They want the customer to request for them to join at the beginning of projects to provide insight, guidance and their creative vision. The printing at the end of the process is just the conclusion.

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