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Trade shows are the prime place to make connections and market with other people to discuss how you can help someone achieve a certain goal. But before you can pitch them on your product or service, they need to approach your booth. With awesome trade show graphics, you’ll not only get their attention, but you’ll be more likely to get their business!

An article posted on discussed the advantages of having cool-looking trade show graphics:

Connecting with a Brand

Tradeshow booth

This trade show booth for Absolute Vodka is telling a story about the brand. Absolute is a product that consumers are comfortable with. They are launching a new flavor, but the display allows visitors to feel a connection with what they already know, which is the trademark bottle design. The idea behind a display that tells a story is to play on the visitor’s emotional involvement behind the Absolute brand. The banner is large enough to be seen from a distance and has a clean, crisp letter, the same design their customers are used to, but at the same time is visually enticing to draw in new customers who are curious about the brand. The large accessories engage the visitors by peeking their curiosity to see what else is in the booth.

Visually Stimulating

Tradeshow booth

People want to see and touch things. This is an example of a visually stimulating display. The artwork is arranged in a manner which allows visitors to the booth to visually see the product being offered by the company. The individual 3D display boards allow the products to be easily showcased, while creating a personalized exhibit. The message is being visually viewed, allowing the visitors to casually scan each item, as opposed to smaller images on a display board or a flip-through catalogue.

Engaging Presentations

Tradeshow booth

Presentations are one of the easiest, yet most beneficial ways to engage visitors to your booth. It is almost impossible to converse with every person that stops by your booth, but with video screens the visitor can view your message while waiting to talk with you. This particular booth has several screens available so visitors to the booth are not crowding together to watch one small screen. Several video screens allow more people to comfortably watch the message you are playing. With this type of exhibit it is important to have several representatives available to expand on the video presentation if needed. Having a representative nearby shows visitors that the company cares enough to have a live person ready to help visitors, as opposed to assuming they will watch the presentation, and subsequently take a business card and call the company.

Tips to Create a Successful Booth

The height of your booth should be comfortable enough for you to greet visitors as well as provide the visitors access to your give-away items. To prevent customers from having to reach for items, avoid putting everything you have on one table. Instead, use tables of varying heights or pop-up displays. This allows you to have an area for each part of the display. For example, use small table business cards and a long, waist-high table for displaying your products. A successful booth should also:

Be Clutter-Free

When creating your trade show booth, the most important thing to remember is less is often more for a display booth. Avoid clutter, such as organized merchandise, papers and personal items.

Have Colorful Banners

The way you display your company’s name and logo is also an important part of the attractiveness of your booth. The sign and/or banner you choose should be large with clean and crisp lettering, and hung high enough for people to see it from a distance. Red or Black is the most popular color choices for banner lettering, because it can be viewed from a far distance.

Be Warm and Inviting

People tend to be drawn to areas that look comfortable. Consider using different types of lighting. Other great things that provide the feeling of warmth and comfort include items such as a couple of chairs where visitors can rest while watching your demonstration. It is common for professional trade show booths to use colors such as black, gray, white and blue, so consider using warm colors such as yellows and reds.

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