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What’s on the horizon for green building in 2012? Experts say it will rebound globally despite continuing economic stresses. Expected at the top of the trends are the transition to LEED 2012 (the newest version of the green building rating system), the adoption of sustainable building practices internationally and an increased focus on greening existing buildings.

See details on top trends here and here.

As a digital print service provider, Thomas Reprographics takes sustainability seriously. From the products and equipment used to employee and customer education, we have adopted sustainability practices to help make a positive impact for future generations. With the digital era, it’s much easier to offer our customers ways to manage and distribute their information without the use of paper. In Digital Publishing Solutions December 2011 issue, Thomas Reprographics is highlighted as an eco-conscious company featuring our sustainable practices.

Remember Thomas Reprographics when considering your contribution to green building in 2012!

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