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Visualogistix from Thomas Printworks helps our customers to significantly reduce fees and time delays. As a robust enterprise solution, it empowers sales and marketing personnel to respond to opportunities faster, by producing and distributing more engaging, professional and brand compliant marketing materials.

Maintain total control over the assets you need to control. You set the guidelines for what can and can’t be customized and the approval process required for each item. At the same time, you can allow customization of materials to meet the needs of different markets or locations, departments or customers, dates or times. The people in your organization who will actually use the materials will be able to add the touches needed to make the collateral most useful, while you maintain control of the brand.

Thomas Printworks works as your partner to then fulfill your order efficiently and effectively through one of our regional distribution centers around the country. Regardless of your business locations, you get the advantages of speed and efficiency from our distribution network.

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Web-Based User Interface and Storefront

  • Your collateral will be uploaded to your own custom, online company store front. From there, you and your designated users can access the pieces 24/7 from any location.
  • Provides full ecommerce capabilities, allows pricing, internal billing, margin management and approval flows for internal and external buyers of print materials and more.
  • Allow others in the organization to order collateral as needed, with your approval.

Internal Process Efficiencies

  • Visualogistix dramatically improves internal efficiencies by providing access to a comprehensive and integrated suite of modules that automate and eliminate many time consuming tasks.
  • Kitting service extends from simple shrink wrapping to combining a variety of materials to make your package perfect.
  • With the on-demand strategy enabled by Visualogistix, you don’t need to store any more materials than you need. In addition to saving you money, you’ll be helping save the planet.

Install and Implement Quickly

  • The service already exists - get it up and running ASAP with no hassles and earn the respect, appreciation, and admiration of your marketing and finance peers!
  • Centralized storage, printing and distribution not only increases the efficiency of the sales force, but the communications generate higher response because they are personalized and customized based on the target audience.

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