Say It Loud Exhibit Makes Its Debut in San Antonio
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Two years in the making and the Women in Architecture Network of AIA San Antonio has been able to successfully bring the revolutionary Say it Loud Exhibition* to our city. A feat that simply could not have been done without the early and steadfast support of Thomas Printworks. From the beginning, when we approached Christi Dockery to share our vision for the exhibit, we were fortunate to receive her full support. We shared our desire to give the exhibit the statewide stage of the TxA Conference and also to build an exhibit that would have the integrity to travel, so that multiple metropolitan areas and universities across Texas would have the opportunity to see and experience this ground-breaking exhibition.

Thomas Printworks has been responsive and patient in working with us to make the exhibit possible. From delivery and set up to working with us on issues as they arose, we found a true partner in Thomas in bringing this exhibit to life. Shout out to Peter Oahley who was wonderful to work with and responsive to all of our needs on the day of set up. The quality and the vivid colors of the panels were spot on and all of the boards since up at the conference, and now at the center for architecture, stand straight and proud with absolutely no bowing or leaning. We are very pleased and our audiences were highly impressed.

We have every confidence that these boards will travel well. We already have AIA Dallas scheduled to have the exhibit in their space for Women’s History Month 2022; and both Austin and Houston have expressed interest in scheduling the exhibit in their cities as well. Additionally, University of Houston and A&M are looking to bring the exhibit to their campus for their students to experience.

Thank you Christi Dockery and Thomas Printworks for stepping up to partner with WiA to make this dream a reality. Your support of the WiA cause and the AIA San Antonio chapter is greatly appreciated. We sincerely could NOT have done this without you.

*The internationally-recognized SAY IT LOUD series showcases projects and stories from architects and designers from all over the state of Texas. The concept of this exhibit is "To see our faces, hear our voices, feel our impact within the colorful tapestry of our heritage." SAY IT LOUD is the activation of a national movement of sharing, protecting and celebrating the journey of the underrepresented to inspire the next generation.

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