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Construction can be a stressful but rewarding profession. I know that currently the construction industry is seeing some interesting challenges but more opportunities than in 2020. With the economy and supply shortage aside, project Managers, what is it that you are the most worried about?

Are you most worried about getting your materials delivered to you on time? Finishing the project within the time frame? Proper installment and training of your employees and those contracted? The safety of everyone on site? Passing inspections?

We can't wave a magic wand and ensure that your materials will be delivered on time and you'll have the project done before the time is up, but we can help make sure that your site is up to code to protect those there and the materials and equipment stored there. Thomas Printworks can produce safety signage and help protect those working on your site as well as cover the fence around the job site to protect the materials and cover the building process for a more professional look.

Site and Safety Signage

There are a number of regulations for site safety signage before and during a project. There are signs about having hard hats required, about dangerous equipment, heat warnings, hazard areas to warn of slipping, falling or electrical areas, and directional signage to guide those walking through.

One PM had a big construction site where big and heavy machinery were being used at different sides of the area on different days, and wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the changes day to day. A solution was to have signs similar to the "wet floor signs" that pop open and could be located at different entrance sections in these more dangerous areas that changed.

Another General Contractor do an site map and then do all these magnetic icons and each day they would have a meeting with all employees and place the different hazards on the site to show the workers what’s happening and where they will be for that day.

You can check out a little bit more on our page: Thomas Printworks – Site & Safety Signage or check out some OSHA requirements.

Fence Wraps

Protect Your Materials

One of the biggest reasons for using a fence wrap is for the protection of your materials. Construction site theft is not cheap. It's estimated that the industry looses $1 billion dollars in materials yearly and and increases by 10% every year. Having a fence wrap can hide some of the materials and equipment from a distance from outsiders looking for something to snag. For more ideas on how to protect your site from theft, read this article.

Look Professional

Adding a fence wrap around the exterior of your project not only hides the materials but can hide some of the work going on. Although the final product is always beautiful work, not all of the steps leading up to it are eye candy so to say. Some cities and counties that you work in may have requirements regarding fence wraps in order to preserve the look.

Market at the Same Time

And while you're at it, if you're going to cover the fence you might as well use the space to your advantage. Whether this is sponsors that want to get their name out as well, you decide to market your own construction company or if the company who is doing the project wants their name on the outside. Being the marketing person I am, if you're opting for something where you have the ability to get some exposure, do it. It takes a number of touches to get customer attention anyways, might as well start now.

Whether it's protecting your people or covering up the materials, we have your needs covered! Having started out as Thomas Blueprints, our roots are with construction and architects. We know you have a lot more big projects to worry about, get in contact with us and we will take care of all your printing needs with ease.

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