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It's been an interesting 14 months for students.

Some graduated last year in the middle of the covid pandemic and lock downs. This past school year, many schools and students have been a mix of some socially distanced in person classes and online options. Many high schools and colleges are now facing difficulty coordinating graduation based off of local guidelines and number of students that would be participating.

For a number of students, they will be able to participate in a virtual or "walk-up" graduation. Though many schools are doing their best to try to create a moment to honor the achievement of these scholars, it's not quite the same.

Of course, the graduation isn't the crowning piece of their school achievement.

That has come from the work and dedication they've put in, the memories with lifetime friends they've made, the projects that excited them and helped show them a career path, a teacher or professor who they connected with really well that acted as an inspiration and mentor to them. Those are the moments that add to the academic achievement, but having a symbolic moment at the end that brings it all together to symbolize all of the work over the years into a celebration. This is a moment of recognition, an honor that family and friends celebrate with them. And for many, that moment isn't quite the same given the circumstances.

In a book called, "The Power of Moments", it talks about the importance of creating crystalizing moments to honor and appreciate the work and success of accomplishments. In work and relationship, it's not the everyday normal activities that tie people or organizations together. It's shared experiences and moments that connect and bring people together. These moments share emotion, reward, understanding and leave individuals with positive emotions and hope to move forward.

Graduation is certainly one of these 'moments' for students. Create a moment with them. Two ways we can suggest to help participate and create this moment with them, is to write a card. A simple yet kind gesture to congratulate them on their work and well wish them for the future. And also, to order a sign. You can put it in your hard, you can hold the sign and take a picture with it to send to them. If your store is close to a college town, use the school colors and congratulate them.

Celebrate with them.

Share this moment with them.

From the family and team here at Thomas Printworks, we congratulate the graduates of 2021! We hope you find success and purpose and wish you well in all of your endeavors!

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