7 Marketing Staples
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It’s essential to pay attention to the marketing trends around you. If you haven't noticed, much of fashion is started in one area of the world and then spreads, dies and comes back ten or twenty years later. Whether it’s a new color palette, a unique design aesthetic, or the need to be sensitive to specific social issues, paying attention helps you stay relevant.

Marketing strategies come and go as well. However, regardless of what’s "in" and trending right now, there are staple princples that will remain inspite of chaning trends.

These are seven essentials of direct response marketing that you should be incorporating every time.

1. Have a great offer

Don’t assume the reader understands your full value proposition. The proposal needs to go beyond the product itself to include additional value elements, such as availability, delivery options, and technical support. You would be surprised how many marketers neglect to do this. Don’t be one of them!

2. Create urgency

Great marketing pieces create a sense of urgency. Unless yours is a complex, high-value product that naturally has a longer sales cycle, convince the recipient that the decision needs to be made right now. This can be done by having sale dates such as "Offer ends Friday, April 7th" or "While supplies lasts".

3. Provide a clear call to action

Don’t assume your reader knows what you want them to do. Do you want them to make a phone call? Go online? Download an app? Tell them! Otherwise, there is a good chance they’ll do nothing.

4. Track and measure

If you do not measure, you do not know what works and what doesn’t. Measure everything.

5. Follow up

Whether by email, direct mail, phone call, or mobile, following up to your initial offer dramatically increases your response and conversion rates.

6. Write strong copy

Effective selling requires marketing copy that shows that you understand your customer’s pain points and explains how your product solves them. It’s not just what you are marketing; it’s how you are presenting it.

7. Remember that results rule.

This is why you measure. If it works, keep it. If it does not, scrap it. Even if it's a project you worked on that you were sure was going to be a great idea and really do well, don't get caught in the trap of holding on to something that isn't working.

Every once in a while, you need to go 'old school' for a straightforward reason. It works.

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