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Big vehicles don't work well in small cities. For that environment they're too big; turns are hard and parking is a pain. The average height of a competitive female and male gymnast respectively is 5'1" and 5'6". They have a greater advantage being small, making it easier to do somersaults, twists and a greater power to weight ratio (McNamara). Average height is even probably too tall to be a gymnast.

In situations, there is a such thing as being too big, business included. Depending on the needs of each company or customer, some big companies aren't able to reach the demands or expectations of personal assistance and customer service. Thomas Printworks has grown and expanded to provide a number of services but has maintained its small scale business agility.

Our roots

In March of 1956, Thomas Printworks set up our first shop in Dallas, Texas. We started with a focus on traditional blueprints servicing the architecture, engineering, and construction industries. Though we have grown and the technology, processes, and product demands may change, it won’t change our dedication to providing friendly and professional service.

Our growth

Thomas Printworks as a company has undergone numerous changes. As mentioned above, we started out as Thomas Blueprints, servicing the architect and construction industries. With time, we grew our facilities in order to provide a greater range of services and changed our name to Thomas Reprographics. Just a few years ago, we went under re-branding to update our look and are now as you know us, Thomas Printworks. We never would have imagined that our business would now be in its third generation of family ownership and have over 600 employees spanning 28 locations in the U.S.

Our continued growth has been to fulfill our mission statement:

To be the world leader of Digital Print Solutions and Information Management through our commitment to World Class customer service and innovation.

We continue to grow in order to be a high quality one-stop-shop and have enough locations to personally service our customers. Although we are continuously updating and changing to be able to market to the needs of the customer, we will never forget our roots with the construction.

Large, yet nimble

We have grown from being a blueprint shop to being a one-stop print provider. Our services include:

We have the capability to service many industries, including Construction, Hospitality, Retail, Venue, Non-Profits, Commercial, etc, and all size of businesses. You're not too small to do business with us, and we can be there every step of the way as you continue to grow. From 1 location to 100 locations, Thomas Printworks can service you.

The key to us are these individual relationships that we have created.

We want to be an organization that our customers request, future employees seek, current employees treasure and our peers admire.

In order to provide this, we review orders before delivery in order to ensure high quality materials. We also have numerous customer resource managers constantly working on orders and projects to ensure the order runs through smoothly. Whether it's a big job, or a small job, we have it under control and you can rely on us to get the job done.

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