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Some events require lots of coordinating.

Weddings, for example, are notoriously known for just how much of a headache they can be.

You've got to call and schedule the venue, someone for the flowers, a photographer, figure out something with food/catering, go to a print shop for the invites, etc. It's a big hassle to try and call and coordinate 20 different vendors all for the same day. That's why many people hire a wedding coordinator, haha!

Well, what about opening up a new store? Besides figuring out where you'll be located, who is going to work there, there's many visual components that work into it. What's going to be on the walls, floors, and windows? How do we want to design the store?

Will the colors match? Are there signs to guide the customer to the section they'd look for? Are there signs that hang up outside of the store? What are the safety codes that be have to abide by, and what do we need to do for those?

How will we get the word out about our new store? What do our employees wear, just name tags or uniforms? Will we have any do-dads to give out with our name on it? Or letterhead when we print out things?

Do we need brochures to help present our information and have something that customers could take home and look into more? Do we need work book manuals for new hires?

And many of these questions carry over into maintaining a business!

Whatever the occasion may be, don't let your business give you unnecessary headaches. Simplify your life and bring all your printing needs to a one stop printer.

All-In-One Printer in Action

Just recently we posted a case study on the completed projects of helping one of our spunky and unique clients, Eyebobs, with new store openings and everything that goes into it.

We have really enjoyed working with Eyebobs from pitching ideas to final product as they've taken on this new phase in their company of opening up their own locations.

A little bit about Eyebobs

Eyebobs is a designer eye-wear brand that is opening their eyes to the world of retail! Starting in 2001, Julie Allinson set out “to create a line of distinctive, high-quality eye-wear for people like her, the irreverent and slightly jaded”. While starting off selling their products in select stores, boutiques and online, they decided to open up a few of their own locations in 2018 and are on track to have three more open by July of this year.

Since they had previously been in the market of selling in other stores and online, they hadn't had to think about all that goes into opening and designing a store to represent their brand.

Due to prior positive experience of members on the Eyebobs creative team, they decided to give us a call and see if we'd be able to catch their vision and help them complete this feat.

Many companies have started in the online business and then look to move into stores. In doing so, it creates a whole different dynamic of business strategy, especially in planning and preparation. Instead of only thinking about the graphic design aspect on a website and pictures for content and layout, a physical store involves many pieces to represent the brand. 

There's lots to plan and design and order, and Eyebobs wanted a one stop printer that could not only take care of everything they'd need printed, but someone who could handle not only this single location but all their upcoming locations worldwide.

One Printer = Less Headaches

In the beginning of January there was an educational webinar posted by Printing Impressions titled Industry Convergence and the Opportunities It Presents Progressive Printing Companies, talking about the market push of many printers to expand their capabilities and testimonials from two companies, Thomas Printworks and D'Andrea Visual Communications, who have expanded and are continuing to do so.

Mark Subers, President and CRO of Printing Impressions mentions something he called "the Amazon Effect". Subers describes that because of the vast offerings at stores like Amazon or Walmart, everyone looks to having a one-stop-shopping experience where they can get everything they need at one place.

The market has pushed for this for many reasons, but two main reasons stand out:

  • Time – It's quicker to handle everything with one printer, less phone calls and emails. But also, deadlines are easier to negotiate and ensure everything will arrive at one time.
  • Consistency – Not only of materials and coloration, but also of customer service. It's easier to go back to the same place that knows who you are, how you order, etc. Less variables = higher likelihood of consistency.

Thomas Printworks

When it comes to producing marketing materials, we create nearly anything in any size on any material for any purpose – from wall graphics to manuals, stationery to signs, and trade show graphics to banners. You name it; we do it. Across industries and across applications, Thomas Printworks is a one-stop provider that delivers industry-leading quality and service to match. On that note, Wide Format Impressions just posted a blog along with a top 50 list, measuring printing companies on their ability to converge and offer a wide range of print services, and Thomas Printworks ranked 13th! We are here to help you achieve your goals by turning your brilliant ideas into brilliant realities. 

When we say we offer “everything print,” we mean everything print.

Whatever printed material you need, we can deliver it and exceed your expectations — while keeping the process simple and cost-effective for you. Send us a quick note and let us see how we can make all needs print easier and simpler.

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