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The other day Frank Sinatra’s LOVE song came on and in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, here’s your cheesy love inspired blog.

Whether you want to wow or woo your clients this Valentine’s season.. here are four things to keep in mind as you are creating and planning out the content and design of marketing collateral to ensure you get the bang for your buck.


L… is for the way you lay out the piece… ;)

Have you ever had something handed to you that looked unorganized? Did you even bother reading it? Probably not because first impressions can be formed in as little as a tenth of a second according to Princeton psychologists.

In an article by Conversion XL, they reference a research performed in Britain on impressions of companies based on websites, and the results show that “of all the feedback the test participants gave, 94% was about design”. This included the complexity of it, visual business, how well could they navigate it, color, size of letters, too much text and other components. “Only 6% of the feedback was about the actual content.”

It’s important to be conscious and strategic in placement of language and design because it determines the flow of how the item is analyzed.

Large headings grab the attention first, bright colors or boxed off items tend to stick out.

Headlines help to give an overview and helps guide the customer to the area which would be most helpful to them. They don’t have to read the entire brochure if they were particularly interested in one aspect of your company or services.

Layout largely depends on the type of marketing piece it is. For example, brochures are sure to have headings for sections with short paragraphs or even bullet points to organize the information. Case studies should be sectioned off with short paragraphs that are easy to navigate between quotes and images throughout the piece to add variety and extra information.

Make sure there’s a visual flow to the piece but don’t make it too busy!

Overall Content

Make it relevant and worth reading. Get the point across, clearly. Like we talked about in the beginning, if it’s confusing, you’ve already lost them.

If a client or customer did take the time to read your material and left feeling like it was a waste of time, you’ve lost them for good. It needs to contain value to the customer. Offer information that’s helpful and true- which ties into the next point.


Where are your statistics from? What status does your company hold to be able to make the claim that it can be “the premier” or “the best”?

Give them a reason to be able to trust you!

Eye Appeal

The eye appeal connects largely with color selection and style, the layout, but it has been found that there are multiple patterns that our eyes travel when scanning materials. Most common is the F shape pattern, with the headings starting from the left side and going down.

Happy Valentine's Day!You can start to design the layout of folders, brochures, packaging, banners, postage etc. without any fancy software on our website, here.

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