Currently Building? How a Fence Wrap Can Turn Down Time Into Marketing Time
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Are you currently building? Or in the process of starting to build? We know there’s lots on your mind with permits and making sure that building codes are followed, hiring both for the construction job and who will now fill the new building. It’s very possible you haven’t even had time to think about how to optimize your construction process as marketing candy. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

There’s been a lot of building going on; it seems every corner is under construction. Statista ranked the United States as “one of the largest construction markets worldwide”. There’s momentum and growth building — let’s capitalize on it! Here are 3 reasons why you should invest in a fence wrap.

You’re already covering it, so use it.

Commercial sites put up temporary fences not only to protect the materials but also to keep trespassers away from open trenches and dangerous equipment. Since the fence is already going up, instead of the common green or black see-through material, be different! Maybe you’re thinking, “gosh, that’d be a big project”, but this is a piece of cake for professionals in large format printing. (With locations in Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Minneapolis, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Orlando we can take care of your local and out of state needs.)

It looks professional.

Create a visual barrier to conceal construction while simultaneously promoting your business or project with a fence wrap! It’ll catch the public’s eye with a professional touch and show them that you’re excited to come into the area.

It’s a great marketing tool.

Whether you decide to automatically put your brand colors and name on the fence or want to tease the community, it’s up to you! Excitement builds within communities, wondering what kind of new addition will be added to their neighborhood. Tease your future customers with marketed fence wraps while building, you don’t have to automatically put up your brand name. Maybe use just a portion of the fence and pose the question “What will I be?” You could even make a social media page where the community can follow until the big release. The opportunities are endless!

Don’t let construction time go to waste. Utilize the excitement for marketing your business. Request info today for a free quote on a fence wrap and all other construction document printing needs. Thanks for reading this week’s Thomas blog!

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