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A client would like to have all employees sporting their logo every day with each interaction with the public. They have been challenged to require employees to comply because their current vendor’s offering was expensive and the representative was not engaged. Responsiveness and customer service has differentiated our offering from the client’s current vendor choices.

Question: How to get economical uniform items to the field without breaking the bank?

The client can provide employees with options such as size, weight, color, logo, type, graphic position and more. Each employee is given six months to gather uniform items. In six months, each employee is required to wear logo uniforms. Based on their responsibilities, employees can wear scrubs, polos, or jackets.

A credit card can be used to order items form the portal 24 hours a day. Each employee will be given $35 from corporate to help with the uniform cost. Once items are decided on with colors chosen, an ideation deck with all items, sizes, options and colors are locked down for items and expectations.

These can ship to their facility in a convenient time frame. The brand standards are guaranteed to marketing specifications. The client can easily get real time reporting and simple reports. They can also get once a month billing to ease mitigate accounting costs.

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