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Are you looking for a new way to showcase your product? Are you sponsoring an event or location that needs to really catch the consumer’s eye? Look no further than Asphalt Art! It’s the most eye-popping way to transform ordinary ground and surface materials such as asphalt, concrete and untreated stone into stunning, vibrant advertising canvases. Browse through the photo gallery to see some of the ways Asphalt Art has been applied. At Thomas Reprographics, Asphalt Art is one of the many different substrates we use. Unlike standard laminated vinyl floor decals, this patented technology is extremely durable and does not de-laminate. It easily withstands tough treatment such as automobile traffic and can be easily removed, usually without any leftover residue. Since the artwork literally conforms and adheres to any porous textured surface, it is very slip resistant, making it perfect for use on stairs and floors anywhere.

Why Use Custom Asphalt Art from Thomas Reprographics?

  • Spread your message vividly and uniquely
  • Cost-effective and non-permanent advertising solution
  • Utilize ad space you didn’t even know existed.
  • Work with a local, family business with over 50 years of experience

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