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According to Fast Company, in a recent story about brand equity was an interesting observation. The survey, which talked to 50,000 consumers, “found that only 20% of the brands they interact with have a positive impact on their lives, and… that 70% of brands could disappear entirely without them noticing.” There are 970,000 foodservice locations in the U.S. Each of them a brand, from Sally’s Sandwiches to McDonald’s store #7,794, each location has a local reputation even apart from the headquarters’ brand. How can “brands” have such a low impact on consumers? Hint: it is more than the food and it is more than the price or the promotion. Engagement comes with a high cost. According to the same Fast Company survey, more than half (51%) of consumers want to reward responsible companies by shopping there, and 53% would pay a 10% premium for products from a responsible company (read more).

As you plan for 2012, think about your brand, what does it stand for? Do you engage your customers? Do you have a positive impact on their lives? Does your brand demonstrate responsibility? Let Thomas Reprographics help you be a better brand, one that consumers would reward you by shopping with you. Do you realize that before anyone takes a bite at your restaurant, you’re making an impression? Your signs, menus, and other collateral material are your first chance to establish your brand identity with your customers. Not only do you want these items to look perfect, you want to be able to make changes quickly and easily as you change menu items, update prices, and promote special offers. And if you have more than one location, you want to maintain brand consistency while allowing for local variations.

Everything at Your Fingertips

Visualogistix®, a service from Thomas Reprographics, brings your collateral management into the 21st century. Instead of letting signs, menus, displays and other material get outdated because it’s too hard to make changes, you can quickly and easily make changes, while ensuring high quality and brand consistency. Visualogistix gives you:

  • All your collateral — brochures, posters, signs, flyers, etc. — stored electronically (instead of stacked in a closet)
  • Your own Web page to order your collateral, with 24/7 access from anywhere in the world
  • The ability to establish standards for customization and consistency across the organization
  • Access for others in the organization to order collateral as needed, within your established approval process
  • Reduced time — and the associated costs — spent managing revisions, storage, inventory, and obsolescence.

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