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Summer has just begun, and that means families and communities will be out enjoying different activities together. What better way to dine than at a hip food truck at a local park or urban area? Food trucks are popping up across the nation, and they're getting more spruced up now than ever. Let Thomas Reprographics help you bring your food truck to life with food truck vehicle wraps!

A recent article from gives a few tips on how to make your food truck stand out among the rest, and we can definitely help make that happen with food truck vehicle wraps.

Branding goes beyond a logo, a [cool] truck skin or paint job and a snazzy tag line. These are part of the equation but not a full branding effort. Sometimes it requires a unique and creative concept that can carry through the food you serve, the info you tweet and the nicknames you give your staff or customers. Nom-Nom Truck, for example, calls their followers nom-sters. Simple, yet effective. It makes the customers feel like they are part of a unique group, or at least a unique brand experience.

Your food truck wrap may draw in an audience, but that's as far as Thomas can go to to keep them there. Combine a fun truck atmosphere with delicious food and friendly workers, and you've got the trifecta!

In a city with 4000+ licensed trucks like L.A., there are bound to be similar menu items on a large majority of the trucks. So how do you differentiate your menu form the others? You can’t just throw double meat on that roll, you need to connect the dish to the roots of your core culinary values; make that fish taco authentic and serve it with an authentic side that fits your niche. Then you do it well, really well. Red Hook Lobster Pound in D.C. and NYC does one thing. Lobster Rolls. But depending on where you are from you either want a “Connecticut” style or “Maine” style roll. This is a key to their brand identity – people know that they know what they are doing.

Set yourself apart. Do it by the vehicle wrap on your food truck and by having a cool and different concept for your menu. Combine the two to make your truck stand out and make people want to come back for more.

Something that is more unique about the food truck business than some other food establishments is the sense of widely engaging community between the business owners, their customers and the towns they call home. This is physical community as opposed to social Internet community. Truck owners loaning each other equipment, night markets in neighborhoods undergoing economic renewal and support toward events for social good; these are all the ways community is cultivated. This just becomes part of who you are as you continue to engage and participate. I would say this is one of the most effective forms of brand marketing. Less forced, more natural and very transparent.

Food trucks are a great way to bring people from across your community out together. The vibe of food trucks is so much different than a sit-down restaurant, and being outdoors brings you closer to nature, too.

Let Thomas Reprographics help you bring your community together while setting you up with some awesome food trucks vehicle wraps to draw attention to your truck. Give us a call at 1-800-877-3776 to get a quote on your vehicle today!

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