DALLAS, TX – June 11, 2013 – With more than 70 corporate and franchise locations worldwide, Bennigan’s boosts its global marketing using Visualogistix®, a marketing asset management and logistics service, saving franchise owners time and money. Visualogistix offers global brand consistency with local flexibility and ease of use for greater marketing effectiveness.

As Bennigan’s continued to grow, so did the need of printing marketing materials, which followed a slow, complex process for responding to local marketing needs with consistent corporate branding. Bennigan’s looked to streamline this process through Visualogistix. Once Bennigan’s started using Visualogistix it saw an increase in franchise control and participation in marketing campaigns.

“Visualogistix cut the old process down by 70 percent,” Nikki Tichansky, Bennigan’s Brand Manager said. “It provides our franchisees with a hassle-free, easy-to-use system that saves them time and allows them to focus their energy in other areas.”

Bennigan’s old process required a franchisee to go through multiple channels to get to the finished product. The content had to be created and the corporate office assisted with the design of the piece. But then, it had to be printed with a printer in the franchisee’s local market. With design approvals, content edits and printing issues, the Bennigan’s corporate team and franchisee’s were wasting valuable time.

With Visualogistix, Bennigan’s franchisees get a marketing one-stop-shop, which is easily accessible on the Bennigan’s website. They can design their collateral in an approved, branded template, then order it immediately. The collateral gets printed and shipped directly to them, without the back and fourth time the old process offered.

The number of items ordered per month by franchisees has increased by more than 10 times as franchisees adopt the new online marketing portal. In the first six months of 2012 all franchisees were shipped a total of 1,900 marketing pieces per month. In the first six months of 2013 the number of marketing materials increased to 21,000 pieces per month. Franchisees are now using roughly 295 pieces per location per month, up from 26 per location the previous year.

“Where we are getting the most cost-savings is with our time,” Tichansky said. “Visualogistix allows franchise owners to get the marketing collateral they need without taking time away from running their business.”

For more information on Bennigan’s marketing portal, please watch here.

About Bennigan’s

Bennigan’s is a high-energy neighborhood restaurant and tavern that is redefining casual dining. With chef-driven food, innovative drinks and warm, friendly Irish Hospitality, this legendary brand delivers memorable dining experiences to every guest, every meal, every day. Every member of the team "bleeds green" and demonstrates a 25/8 focus to support its franchise community. The company's revolutionary comeback has introduced a new generation of Bennigan’s that reflects the brand's history and pays respect to its rich heritage. Bennigan's focus on reinvention, flexible prototypes, innovative food, Legendary service and other sales-generating initiatives has resulted in explosive growth both domestically and internationally. For more information, visit www.bennigans.com or call 855-GOT-BENN.

About Visualogistix®

Visualogistix® is a marketing asset management and logistics service of Thomas Reprographics, Inc. Thomas Reprographics combines mores than 55 years of experience in the visual communications, reprographics, printing, and technology industries. No matter how large or small the project – from brochures and flyers to grand format signage and fleet graphics – Thomas Reprographics has the experience and technology to put its clients’ vision on display. Thomas Reprographics is based in Richardson, TX, with more than 30 locations strategically located across the United States. For more information visit Visualogistix.com or call 800-877-3776.

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