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In a world of networking events and big conferences, thinking of unique ways to make a lasting impression can be tough. Luckily, almost anything is possible when it comes to large-format printing and branding materials. Below are six out-of-the-box ways to use your conference signage to make a big splash with attendees.

1. Wall Art in the Main Conference Room Area

As the most prominent area(s) of your event, drive home the branding with a large-format solution. A great way to do this is by covering all of the walls all walls with removable vinyl signage. This will not only grab attention but is a great solution for temporary rental spaces.

2. Wrapped Stairwells

In a multi-level conference space, stairwells are an unsuspecting location to promote your company and conference brand. Try fully-wrapping the stairwells to showcase important messaging, sponsors and more for the event!

3. Stage Backdrops

Though your presenters will have a projection screen, take advantage of the additional space up on the stage. Using a graphics wrap on a custom stage surrounding the screens is a great way to further personalize the area and make the stage feel extremely professional to attendees.

4. Individual Room Signage

If your attendees are staying overnight for your event, reiterate your branding and messaging throughout their individual rooms. You can do this by bringing in static clings and mounting them in every attendee’s room.

5. Conversation Pieces

Looking for some additional ways to make your space stand out, and get attendees engaged? Try these solutions:

  • Chalk Talk Wall: Use a non-vinyl chalkboard film wall so attendees can meet, mingle and write on the wall.
  • Pool Mats: If there’s a large body of water in your event space, you can place signage underneath the water as a way to add even more of a branded touch.
  • Lighted Block Lettering: Nothing says “Social Media Worthy” like giant block letters for attendees to post about during your conference. Use your company name, slogan or conference name to encourage photo-ops for those joining you for your event.

Does It Work?

The Howard Hughes Corporation put all of these to the test for their Annual Leadership Conference, put on for commercial real estate developers across the U.S. For this event, they wanted to have something different with print graphics that would set them apart from other conferences and live up to the theme of the event: “Make Extraordinary.” 

With all of these unique branding solutions, attendees found it to be not only innovative but also engaging! Attendees even stated, “The messaging was everywhere around you; in the auditorium, on the golf course, in our own rooms. Even in the swimming pool. How could anyone not get the point?”

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Originally posted on Corporate Event News on July 24, 2018

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