Written by Chris Miller

Trends in 2017

2017 presents itself with many trends in many different vertical markets, which can be addressed using new digital print technology to help create impactful interior environments. In the commercial real estate market, a few major trends were uncovered in an interview with one of the marketing directors for one of the larger firms in the world.

1. Keeping Millennials Happy

In the day and age we are in, the comments were made that onboarding and retaining the millennial generation is a major issue the industry is trying to address. Trying to hire a millennial can be a challenge depending on the style of office presented to them. They prefer an open setting with spaces for collaboration and non-competitive dialogue to figure out problem. While the digital print industry cannot build these custom environments, it can have a large, positive impact on the décor. Think custom wall and window graphics to enhance the overall effect.

2. Redefining Older Developments to Compete With the Newer Ones

Building owners that have aging developments are finding it increasingly more difficult to compete with newer buildings that have better and more amenities. The trend in newer building construction lends itself to Walkability, which loosely defined means that all amenities are located within walking distance of their office. Workout facilities, better delis, dry cleaners, etc. that are all located within a building or close to it allow people to stay closer to their office for these services instead of having to drive to three or four different places. The DP industry can help in many ways including wayfinding signage and custom wall graphics.

3. Visualization of a New Property

When the leasing company is giving a tour of a new site, they are trying to give the potential client an idea of what this big mound of dirt will have to offer. More and more commercial real estate companies are creating a visual picture in their sales offices to give an overall image of what it will look like. Some are even decorating entire floors in buildings that are being renovated to show what the interior décor will look like. Floor graphics, wall murals, and custom window graphics showing the potential outside landscape are examples of how the DP industry can help with this issue.

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