Written by Jay Hawkins

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Anytime a big project comes around, within a matter of minutes a great project can turn to mush for countless reasons. Trying to design and install wall décor is no different. Follow these five steps to eliminate common errors, and make sure the job gets done right.

  • Communicate – Select an idea and talk it through with the designer/printer/installer and customer as a team approach. This will not only ensure the idea can be turned into reality, but also sets expectations for all involved and opens communication for a great workflow as the project progresses.
  • Make observations – A site survey should be done not only for accurate measurements, but also to inspect possible de-installation and preparation for the new wall decor to adhere and fit in the desired space. The site survey should uncover any obstacles such as switches, panels and electrical outlets that might impede the design/layout of the new graphic. The correct type of paint and/or primer is crucial due to different curing times. Curing of paint is many times over looked and if a graphic is installed to quickly bubbles and peeling will be quick to follow.
  • Discover the best approach – Identify all options dependent upon desired location of the new wall décor (inside vs outside), how permanent it’s intended to be and whether or not overlap is acceptable. When all knowledge regarding options and variables are communicated, the best decision can be reached.
  • Review – Layout/resolution of graphics for the project is also critical. Many don’t realize or understand that all images can be blown up or enlarged and still have the same resolution. The images used are ideally 125-150 ppi at final size. Reviewing the resolution will ensure that viewing the wall décor from any distance will have the desired effect and appear as intended.
  • Installation – The last step can be considered the first as well—Choosing a quality installer. One installer can make the wall décor look just how you pictured it, and another can make it look as if someone was in a hurry to get the project done. If done properly, a seamless long lasting idea can live for several years. If the project has exposed seams and overlap the project may start to peel and bubble from day one. Once the proper team is assembled, you will find that more and more projects not only will be done well, but people will begin to ask who did their projects.

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