Written by Miguel Correa

Football stadium

In the ever-changing world of sports venues and stadiums, a common misconception is that most, if not all, graphics should be either banners or windscreens. Once you step foot inside of a stadium, you will find opportunity for various types of graphics and installation that breaks the “banners and windscreen” stigma. Ultimately, everything becomes fair game.

Examples of seemingly new innovations are: adhesive vinyl, brushed aluminum, floor graphics, directional signage, concession menu boards, vehicle wraps, multi-layered dimensional pieces and even custom outside-the-box work. The next step for stadiums and other sports venues is the move into the world of digital.

What the sports teams and university athletic programs are looking for are experts that can come in and personally walk the venue or stadium to provide viable solutions that will not only beautify the location, but will also give the home team an intimidating advantage through the use of cutting edge graphic solutions. In other words, athletic programs want the best of the best in graphic technology in order to call attention to the team and, ultimately, the venue itself. The sports programs and universities really appreciate when you’re able to provide out-of-the-box ideas that are unique and haven’t been seen or done before in a sports setting. Essentially, sports programs are looking for ideas that will make the stadiums pop without breaking the bank.

When dealing with professional sports franchises and athletic programs, relationships are everything. If these departments are not comfortable it could become detrimental to any business deal you hope to attain. These relationships consist of constant hand-shaking, kissing babies, and jumping through hoops to ensure your client’s happiness. You must remain in continuous communication with various departments to guarantee the job is handled correctly. Every department is different, therefore each department has their own specific needs and deadlines that need to be catered to.

The most critical aspect of working with sports teams and athletic programs is delivering what you’ve promised at the time initially agreed upon. Deadlines are imperative in this business. Some sports jobs require fast delivery. If you cannot uphold your end of the bargain you will surely lose the job or your client’s trust. Unfortunately, these graphics are subject to change at the drop of a hat due to new sponsorship deals and sponsors adding and dropping ideas.

Game day is an important day for several reasons. For most of America, game day means families coming together to root for their favorite team. In the printing world, game day is equivalent to show time. Game day is a stressful time for installers and printers due to the various challenges that may present themselves while doing installations prior to game day. Anything from missing signage to material breaking to installing and breaking down within 24 hours either for a university or a professional team.

Looking forward to seeing you at the stadium cheering for your favorite team surrounded by all-new graphics!

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