Written by Todd Howgard


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Rebel pilot Luke Skywalker fires two proton torpedoes into the thermal exhaust port of the Death Star. Moments later, he witnesses the huge explosion behind him. The destruction of the Death Star left the Imperial Military in a weakened state and prompted the necessity of constructing a second Death Star.

The Empire quickly set out to track down the Interstellar approved Red-Line “As Built” plans to help facilitate in coordinating the new design. They realized that all the documents lay in storage units sprinkled across the galaxy. Architectural plans, building specifications, manufacturer’s cut sheets, binders full of change orders, contracts and correspondence were scattered everywhere. Some could be found in makeshift bins, some in cardboard tubes, and some were even thrown haphazardly on the shelves. Many of the documents lay on dusty concrete, wrapped in withered paper skins with nothing but dried rubber bands protecting them, struggling to hold on for one more day. Others were folded in small heaps, their white edges turned brown, never to lay flat again. It was a sad sight indeed.

Elaborative and confounding labeling systems boasted such features as string and cardstock labels for identifications purposes, while others had unidentifiable gibberish scribbled across them. Or worse, they had no notes at all.

Although some units had climate control, most of them had to endure squelching heats and humidity, along with occasional freezing conditions. The Document Master Log sheet suffered critical omissions in document locations, issue, and revision dates.

Does this sound like your storage unit? Who draws the straws from your company to go and search for specific versions of drawings or specifications manuals? Who gets to weed out the old plans to make room for the new ones? Who gets to write the monthly rental checks?

If only there was a way of creating intellectual property that could be used to reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve efficiency. If only there was a way of easily searching, retrieving, and sharing data in an accurate and organized way while reducing your environmental footprint.

Fortunately, the force is strong at Thomas Printworks. Give us a call and we’ll put one of our document specialists on your case. Pleased, you (and Yoda) will be.

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