Written by Ira Bowman

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Have you noticed the sheer volume of people who walk with their heads pointed down towards the ground as they interact with their smart phones? With all of these eyes pointed downwards there are greater opportunities to gain attention, promote your business, and/or communicate safety messages to the general public. Because there are more people looking down, there are more opportunities than ever before to apply your graphics to concrete, bricks, asphalt, carpet, tile, wood, grass, and even dirt.

When living in a concrete jungle, it’s a great thing to be able to use ground surfaces as another viable space for your branding and messaging. There are a variety of adhesive vinyl and non-slip over laminate products on the market that can be printed with both solvent and latex print equipment for concrete, bricks, and asphalt. There are also aluminum based products that can hold up longer for more permanent application needs.

The great thing about these graphics is that they can be used for various different uses and applications, both vertically and horizontally and in unique shapes and patterns. Imagine creating a yellow brick road for event participants to follow that can climb off the ground and up the wall, prompting your guests to look towards the ceiling (another interesting area where graphics can be placed).

The ground is often taken for granted at events — especially outdoors. With a little creativity and the right floor graphics, it can truly be the base of the entire event. Also, it can allow the creative team more freedom and space to bring together their ultimate vision.

Some materials are even biodegradable, so you can take heart in knowing you will not harm the environment when power washing the graphics off the ground.

Speaking of the environment, what about print needs for surfaces such as dirt and grass? Mesh banners are a great way to cover these natural elements. Spikes can be nailed down through sewn in grommets to hold the material in place and ensure it won’t be a trip hazard for the guests at the event.

Floor surfaces inside tend to be less tricky because you don’t have to deal with harsh weather conditions. However, moving inside can present some of its own challenges, as any adhesive products used have to be strong enough to hold without causing damage to sensitive surfaces when they’re removed. Low-tac vinyl products with non-slip laminates can work. And another way to go is direct print on reverse surface clear rubber mats, held down with low-tac tapes. These rubber mats come in a variety of textures to help the client get the desired look and add some extra slip protection. From covering an entire floor in step and repeat patterns to creating walk ways with custom branding, floor mats can add a lot to a space, while still helping to protect a sensitive floor from wear and tear.

Throw rugs and carpet runners may have been around forever, but newer latex technology and adhesive vinyl products for carpet are changing the game when it comes to what you can do with your floor event space. The days of settling for generic messages or going with blank carpet runners are over. Latex printers can print directly to carpet, allowing you to print and install 100% of your event space flooring.

When laying down an entire carpet isn’t practical and a runner won’t work, adhesive vinyl products made for carpet can be the right solution. These are great for conventions and exhibits when looking to direct traffic to particular booths, the main stage, or the exits.

With the print world’s expanding list of materials available to print on and the technology to print with, there really isn’t a surface that is beyond limits. The floor has been overlooked for a long time. However, now more than ever, the time is right to consider how to tackle the ground and take advantage of the increased amount of eyes looking in that direction.

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