Rumor has it that Super Bowl XLV will be in Dallas in February 2011... Are you as excited as we are? If you’re a business in Dallas or you’re planning on making the trip, how do you reach the nearly 200,000 extra people in the city (many of whom are head-honchos hailing from all over the country)? We’ve spent plenty of time thinking about just that, and we’re happy to report that Thomas Reprographics has the Super Bowl advertising solutions you need to make an impact come February. We've even got a few ideas for those of you trying to get the word out on a Big Game party in your own town! One advertising option has a whopping 97% of viewers and respondents reporting they remembered the ad after encountering it, and chances are with the influx of people in the Big D, there will be plenty of opportunities to view this particular medium.

Be sure to check out our other Super Bowl advertising ideas (we’ve spent way too much time coming up with this stuff!).

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