No matter what you’re selling — be it nacho dip platters, big-screen TVs, hot air balloon rides or spray-on tans — when a large-scale cultural event like the Super Bowl takes place in your city, you experience a sharp up-tick in sales. Normally, the goal of marketing is two-fold: first, to convince people that they need your product/service, and second, that they should buy it from you instead of someone else.

The Super Bowl brings with it a 200K+ population spike in the DFW area. This influx means that pushing the necessity of your service/product can take a temporary back seat to pushing the benefits of choosing your company, brand or most profitable product instead of someone else’s. One amazingly effective way to communicate your message for the February 2011 Super Bowl is by using static window clings. Thomas Reprographics has the capability to print photo-quality graphics at any scale AND come install it at your location in time for Super Bowl XLV. Window clings allow you to capture the attention of approaching customers at the exact moment that they’re sorting though the things they need to buy. It’s the perfect moment to make a suggestion. Window clings are sure to wow your customers. Want to impress ‘em in other ways, too? We’ve got eight Super Bowl advertising tips to get you started.

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