This coming February 6th, Super Bowl XLV will be held at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX. Everyone knows that every year the Super Bowl is a marketing field day, featuring multi-million dollar commercials, viewed by millions who sit through hours of boring football to enjoy.

While television is a fine, albeit a low-bang-per-buck medium, what many people don’t know is that the insider track for this year’s Super Bowl advertising will be the Fort Worth skyline. Seven long days before kickoff, ESPN coverage for the game begins in Sundance Square deep in the heart of Fort Worth. With the Fort Worth skyscrapers and buildings in the background, tens of thousands of fans will converge on Sundance Square as millions tune in from all over the country.

Here at Thomas Reprographics, we can’t imagine a better time to take advantage of our large-format printing abilities. Thomas is one of the few companies in the world with the ability to print the photograph-quality sheets of vinyl necessary to wrap the side of a building with your advertisement. We can take any graphic or design and turn it into a Godzilla-sized moneymaker. We can even help you design something new and amazing. This Super Bowl could be a game-changing moment for your brand and chance to communicate your message to one of the largest audiences in the world. This may not be the right move for every business owner out there – mainly because there aren’t enough buildings in Texas. But don’t be afraid to dream big for some Fort Worth Super Bowl advertising, because Thomas can definitely deliver.

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