Getting messages in front of a captive audience is one of the biggest marketing challenges faced by today’s brands. In the high-tech age we live in, messages bombard consumers constantly, and people have learned to tune out messages from sources like TV, radio, the Internet and print. That’s why so many brands choose to drive their advertising with vehicle wraps and fleet graphics. Vehicle wraps and fleet graphics have proven to be successful for several reasons. First and foremost, drivers are a captive audience – or at least we all hope they are. In all seriousness, the very act of driving requires that people pay attention to their surroundings, and to the vehicles in their proximity. The numbers regarding vehicle wraps and fleet graphics speak loud and clear:

  • 97% said they remembered ads displayed on trucks**
  • 29% said they would base a buying decision on these impressions*
  • 96% claimed fleet graphics had more impact than billboards**
  • 98% felt that the ad created a positive image for the advertiser**

When you look at those percentages, combined with the fact that fleet graphics give an average of 101 impressions for each mile traveled, it’s easy to see why brands are choosing to drive advertising with vehicle wraps and fleet graphics! Of course, deciding to utilize vehicle wraps and fleet graphics seems like an easy decision. Fortunately, so is choosing the right printer to make sure that your vehicle wraps and fleet graphics pop off your vehicle with brilliant color and clarity. Thomas Reprographics is an established industry leader in wide-format color printing. With over 50 years of experience, Thomas Reprographics helped pioneer full-color printing for vehicle wraps and fleet graphics, and provides a turnkey solution, from production all the way through installation on the vehicle.

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* Results of study by the American Trucking Association. ** Results of study by Robinson, Yesawich & Pepperdine Inc.

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