• Bettye Guillory, Ashley Ford, Debby Joiner and Ed Stevelman

Happy holidays and good tidings of gingerbread! Ginger and the Snaps represented A&E – The Graphics Complex well in Saturday's Gingerbread Build-off competition. They didn't bring home one of the awards, but at the AIA's request, their holiday gazebo was chosen to go on display at the ArCH exhibition! The winning structures, along with a few select entries, will be on public display for a week in the ArCH gallery at 315 Capital.

Ginger and the Snaps is so proud of their gazebo; the team really stepped it up a notch from last year and paid a lot of attention to detail. Standing inside the gazebo was a decorated Christmas tree, with little wrapped packages and toys underneath. Snowmen and Santa in his sleigh were close by in the snow, and there was even a gingerbread man fishing in the outdoor pond! Hand painted nutcrackers stood guard at the gazebo steps.

Competition was very stiff this year (most of the winning teams brought in professional pastry chefs to assist them), and some of the entries were unbelievable. Winners included gingerbread interpretations of St. Basil's Cathedral, the Astrodome and Houston's historic Alabama Theatre. There was a realistic looking pirate ship and a tall tower with Rapunzel's hair (spaghetti, of course) flowing out of the tower window. This year, the public got to vote on their favorite. Ginger and the Snaps consisted of Ashley Ford, Ed Stevelman, Debby Joiner and Bettye Guillory. This is their second time in the Gingerbread Build-off. They look forward to next year’s competition!