How to Design a Trade Show Booth that POPS!
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Trade Show season almost seems like a year-round season, am I right? With the majority of trade shows coming up in the end of spring, going through the summer and into fall, you have a few down months to regroup and plan what will be your theme and push for the upcoming events.

Here are four important things to consider when designing your trade show booth to make sure you are remembered.

1. Brand consistency

We don't mean to beat a dead horse, because you hear about the importance of brand consistency in everything marketing, but it's important enough to at least mention.

At trade shows, the idea is to be in front of as many companies who your services would be of help to. Many of these companies have and haven't heard of you and this is your chance to put a face and warm handshake to the brand and build an impression. That being said, make sure your colors reflect your company logos.

For example, this is one of our own Trade Show booths from this past year. The bright blue and green are consistent throughout, building a cohesive feel to the visual aid.

A Thomas Printworks trade show booth

2. Color

Don't be afraid to use a bright color, even for the whole background. Boldly using color will make you POP.

Choose color primarily based off of your brand, but then consider these emotions that each color evokes:

Red: When you choose to use this color, you are conveying messages that are exciting, passionate, dangerous, energetic, or action-oriented.

Blue: This color invokes feelings of harmony, peace, stability, calm, and trust.

Green: This is the nature color, so it gives off feelings such as growth, generosity, fertility, and health.

Yellow: The sunshine color is happiness, positivity, optimism, and fun.

Pink: This color gives feelings of femininity, playfulness, immaturity, and unconditional love.

Orange: This interesting color gives people the feelings of creativity, adventure, success, balance, and enthusiasm.

White: You may think of white as a non-color, but it invokes emotions such as innocence, goodness, humility, and cleanliness.

Purple: This royal color makes us feel power, nobility, luxury, spirituality, and wisdom.

Black: This color gives the feelings of mystery, power, sophistication, and elegance.

Brown: This color feels like comfort, security, and being down-to-earth.

Grey: This less commonly used color represents neutrality and balance.

-Target Marketing

3. Sell your solution to their problem

If you want people to buy your services, they need to see and understand how you can do to solve their problem. Why would they buy your services or product if it won't be helpful?

If you have any words on your booth or a sign, make sure it pin points a problem that this market might be facing. Then, it's the job of your sales representatives in order to drive that conversation and pin down their pain points.

And connected with selling your solution is our last point:

4. Show them

This is a unique opportunity to be able to SHOW these potential customers, not just TELL them. How many opportunities do you get to walk hundreds of potential clients through your show room? Not very often! Use this opportunity to really show everything that you can offer.

Do you have a product that is more efficient than your competitors? Show them.

Do you have a product that is more sturdy than your competitors? Show them.

Do you have a service that will make them more efficient? Show them.

Show them physically with demonstrations and products with you, and where you can't, use graphics and images to visually represent your data and solution.

Best of luck using these four tips to guide the design for your trade show booth! Make sure to focus on how to get your solution and showing your customers what makes you different. Contact us about designing your trade show booth and printing it for you. With numerous options and materials available, we can make your vision come to life.

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