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Do you sell the kinds of products or services that are ordered on a cyclical basis or that renew according to a regular schedule? If so, you should consider sending simple, calendar-triggered reminders based on the customer’s purchase or service history to keep your revenues flowing.

Auto dealerships use this technique all the time. To boost its service revenues, one dealership decided to slice its customer database (both active and inactive) by type of automotive service, such as emissions checks, tune-ups, and brake service. Then, the dealership sorted this data by date of the next service, such as all customers with emissions checks coming up within the next 60 days. They used this information to generate weekly alerts to car owners in advance of the recommended service dates for their vehicles.

With this approach, the dealership saw its service department profits rise to 18% within the first six months of the campaign, compared to 12% in the prior six months.

As auto dealerships know, a simple reminder can be incredibly effective. It works in other markets too, such as:

  • Software upgrades
  • Computer service contracts
  • Gym memberships
  • Medical appointments
  • Pet care
  • Landscaping
  • Floral arrangements for birthdays and anniversaries

The list can go on and on. These tactful reminders can be useful to any market in which the need for products and services is ongoing and cyclical.

One hesitancy might be, "I don't want to bug my customers and make them leave and choose someone else". That is understandable, however, probably more likely is the case that these customers do intend to buy your service on a regular basis, but sometimes forget.

For example, do you go into the dentist every six months because you remember to schedule the appointment? Or do you get prompted and reminded that it is time for your next checkup? Do you make sure you call the pool guy every month? Or does he have you on rotation and schedule for you and confirm?

If your service is something that is meant to be repetitive, maybe these customers just forget amidst the work grind and personal life. You might include at the bottom of your email or direct mail piece say "Don't want reminders of when your next check-up should be? Let us know!" to ensure that you don't bug a customer who wants to come to you on their own time.

Talk to us about how you can combine trigger marketing with personalized direct mail and offers to keep your customers ordering.

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