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Construction is a busy, demanding industry. The construction industry has grown on average 8.5% annually for the past eight years. With high growth rates after the market bounced back from the market crash in 2008/2009, these last few years the industry has stayed just over $808 billion. We know you have lots to do. From getting requirements and plans passed for the okay to break ground, to checking and double checking the plans, scheduling and passing inspections, then moving on to the next section with more inspections and deadlines, and coordinating subcontractors in all different fields you are busy and organization is imperative.

There's lots of steps, introduction, plan proposal, re-draws, construction checklists and more (click here for consolidated list with explanations). No matter what you need for your Construction Documentation, we provide it.

Construction Plans

Construction plans are the foundation of every project. You need every detail precise and perfect, every time. Whether it's blueprints, black and white or color, we can do it. Using decades of experience working with the construction industry, Thomas Printworks delivers your plans and visuals in a flexible, timely manner.

Construction Specifications

Your spec book contains every detail of your project, and we double check to ensure nothing is missed during production. We guarantee a high-quality book no matter its size or the number of copies you need.

Presentation Boards

Add clarity and creativity to your presentation with graphics that show off your project. Whether big or small, Thomas Printworks can produce it for you.

Project Proposals

We can create whatever you need to make a winning proposal, including booklets, large visuals, renderings, and more. We offer a wide variety of binding options to add the perfect finishing touch.

Site Signage

Contractors, builders, architects, engineers, and designers all benefit from effective job site signage. These full color signs can be printed on vinyl, corrugated plastic, or plywood, with water- and UV-resistant inks to ensure durability in any weather conditions.

  • Quick turnaround times
  • Water- and UV-resistant
  • Variety of substrates available
  • Installation available

Fence Wraps

Conceal construction clutter with a fence wrap that promotes your business. Transform an ordinary chain link fence into a work of art with vibrant, full-color graphics.

  • Advertise, beautify and communicate
  • Full color and fully customizable
  • Installation available

We know you have a lot of business, and you need someone to keep up with your pace.

At Thomas Printworks, we strive to provide you with timely and accurate construction documentation. Our roots started 60 years ago as Thomas Blue Prints, servicing the architecture, engineering, and construction industries. Back in the day we delivered by bike to ensure you got your prints on time. Now we're a little more high-tech, but we still get it to you how you need it, when you need it.

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