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In the previous blog, we busted some of the myths or misperceptions about promotional products. Now, let's address some commonly asked questions about promotional products.

What kind of promotional products are most effective?

The most effective items are ones that customers will use and will keep and possibly hand off to a friend or family member. Select items that are useful.

69% of consumers would pick up a promotional product if they deemed it useful.

77% of consumers say a promotional product’s usefulness is the number-one reason to keep it, with health and safety products, computer products and writing instruments ranked as the most useful.

Also, consider your audience. What a senior aged individual would deem useful wouldn't be the same as a college student.

How do I ensure that my promotional products have the maximum effect?

The solution is much easier than you might think. First, identify your marketing goals and come up with a game plan. Know your audience, methods to reach out the them and how you are measuring results to determine your return on investment. Adding promotional items into your marketing channels are helpful.

Adding a promotional product to the media mix increases the effectiveness of other media by up to 44%.

How can I make promotional products more affordable?

Buy in bulk. There is normally a set up price in order to prepare the machines for your individual items, and the more you order the cheaper the per-unit price will become. This can directly increase the efficiency of every dollar spent on promotional advertising.

How many items should I purchase?

This number varies greatly due to different promotional products and available revenue, but a safe figure would be at least 50 individual units. Unless you are a small business wanting to personally thank your dozen clients, or a handful of employees, you should purchase more than the minimum required. A larger amount of promotional items increases the chance that they will be re-distributed amongst fellow employees, family members and friends.

Will my gifts be any different than those of competitors?

Being creative will certainly come in handy here. Consider the event that you are working at, you can play off the theme of the event for a different idea. The great thing about promotional products is that there are no real restrictions on it. The colors and imprint are customizable, and with over 25,000 items to choose from, the possibilities are nearly endless.

What are good ways to distribute these products?

There are only two options here – give promotional items out in person or send them to potential clients through the mail. The more cost-effective method is in-person, because there will be no shipping fees and you can also make a pitch to whoever is taking a corporate gift out of your hand. But everyone likes getting mail – as long as you correctly identify a target audience, there is no problem sending out tokens this way.

Where should I set up promotional giveaways?

Most commonly this would happen at events that your company would be at.. but in light of COVID-19 there haven't been as many of those lately. However, events and at the office are more typical answers, but the answer here relates back to the target audience – if you are trying to give out logo tote bags to college students, a good place to set up a booth would be at a university football event. If you are looking to reach other members of your industry, a commercial tradeshow giveaway is probably your best shot.

Promotional products when thought through and used effectively can be a great boost to your marketing campaigns. As mentioned above, it increases the effectiveness of your other cahnnels by up to 44%.


Promotional products draw as many as 500% more referrals from satisfied customers than an appeal letter alone.

Browse our catalog for promotional products and use your new knowledge to select items that go along your goals and your target audience would find useful.

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