Spread Holiday Cheer (And Get Noticed) With Window Graphics
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Holiday shopping

Window graphics are a great way to get noticed, especially during the holidays. Festive and fun window decorations are sure to generate buzz, no matter what type of business your company is in. The appeal of window graphics is not just that they add color to your windows, it’s that they are a fun and unique way to grab your customer’s attention. They can be designed to coordinate with your company’s style and brand, communicating positively to your customers and promoting your business.

What better way to capitalize on high foot and vehicle traffic than with the hordes of shoppers that are sure to be frequenting malls and shopping centers this holiday season? Window graphics are the perfect way to get your message out there and let customers know what your holiday promotions, campaigns, and specials are.

The creative possibilities for holiday-specific window graphics are virtually endless. There are two main varieties to choose from when it comes to window graphics: static cling and window perf. These substrates help you achieve different results, both being effective in their own way.

Static cling graphics are used for temporary promotions, such as the promotion of your holiday-specific items and sales. Static cling graphics are printed on a non-adhesive vinyl that clings to a smooth glass surface (can also cling to plastic or metal) by means of static electricity. Because it is bound by static electricity, it is removable, repositionable, and reusable.

Why not create static clings featuring depictions of typical holiday images (mistletoe, sleigh bells, snowflakes, etc.) and adorn your windows with these graphics every year for some creative and festive flair?

Static cling graphics can have a clear or white base to suit your needs. Depending on ink coverage and the material used, various degrees of transparency can be achieved.

Window perf is an adhesive film with thousands of tiny holes that cover 40% of its surface. This allows some light to pass through the film and light the inside of your store, while still providing enough of a surface to clearly display images and text. Visibility is one way with window perf graphics; people inside the building are able to see out, but people outside only see your message.

Because window perf is like a giant adhesive vinyl sticker it is not reusable or repositionable. Therefore, a great way to design window perf is to feature current promotions (this year’s fashions, your most popular food item of the 2015 season, etc.) that are only relevant for the current time period. That way you get a large, beautiful and colorful window graphic that has no need to be reused in the years to come.

Overall, window graphics are a great way to promote your business, especially around the holidays. With the 2015 holiday season slated to see plenty of shoppers (thank you, lower gas prices!), your message has the opportunity to reach more people than ever. Take advantage of this season’s window shoppers by including in your holiday marketing plan today.

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