Education and Environment: The Positive Impact of a Decorated Campus
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Schools and universities today are increasingly looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the pack. More now than ever, a secondary education (not to mention a superior high school education) is rightfully viewed as necessary to move forward in today's competitive job market. With the ample supply of prospective students longing for a promising education and parents trying to provide the best for their children, the ways in which schools market themselves are more important than ever. The quality of a school's appearance can be the difference between attracting prospective students and becoming dust in the wind.

A sophisticated look and strong messaging will consistently peak interest in students, parents, and school staff. Great environmental graphics work to this end. They provide the aesthetics necessary to maintain the attention and appeal to the prospective students and parents. Environmental graphics also make prospective students and parents realize the school truly cares about how it’s represented and is willing to go the extra mile, which makes them realize the school will go the extra mile when it comes to the curriculum as well.

Environmental graphics also provide educators with the ability to build a more productive classroom experience through the use of wall graphics, signage, posters, banners, and the like. In addition to the typical uses of environmental graphics for educational purposes, graphics can add an additional interactive element to a lesson or lecture. Dull and boring chalkboards can be replaced with dry-erase or chalkboard vinyl that can adhere to entire walls or even be provided in a handheld format for students. Visual magnetics can provide an interactive learning experience for younger students, or an opportunity to display detailed visuals of your own design (i.e. graphs, maps of the world, etc.) in an easy-to-change manner.

These graphics aren't only for the classroom. Creative wall graphics can be applied in school hallways, in the cafeteria (or food court on college campuses), or in the gymnasium to depict the school mascot, name, or something else that is relevant to the school and community. Window clings can welcome students, staff, and guests into the school by displaying the school colors, mascot, or changing messages based on the time of year and current events. Environmental graphics can even be applied to the school’s sports areas, including the locker rooms, football, basketball and baseball bleachers, and on field signage and banners.

Digital displays also provide a level of interactivity that benefits the environment of both the campus and the classroom. On campus the displays allow for visual decorations that engage and impress prospective students and parents and allow for a level of variety and instant customizability that a typical printed graphic could not provide. The display can also double as an incredible safety tool. It can be used to keep students and teachers updated on current activities and emergency situations, and can give parents peace of mind with instant updates about the current happenings on campus.

Ultimately, environmental graphics are an innovative and effective way to attract prospective students and parents and enhance the growth and well-being of a school or university. They can virtually be applied anywhere—sports fields, walls, even digitally — and are guaranteed to bring excitement and creativity to your school campus.

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