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The average American commuter spends 38 hours per year in traffic (Source). During those hours, you're likely to be doing at least one of three things: listening to the radio and dodging commercials, talking on the phone about how awful waiting in traffic is, or trying to find something interesting about the car in front of you. At Thomas, we can help you promote your business for all 38 hours of traffic you sit in each year with the help of vehicle wraps.

Does it really work? Yes! Take a look at this example from of how a fleet of home health care vehicles increased their referrals without having to go out and do a ton of extra work.

A unique marketing program that enhances service increases referrals and upgrades staff benefits. Who wouldn’t love that?

Heart ‘n Home Hospice & Palliative Care has taken office signage to a new level by “going mobile.” Rather than conventional (and stationary) out-of-home billboards, we produced “traveling billboards.”

Our 30 company vehicles (26 Nissan Versas and 6 Jeep Patriots) are wrapped with graphics and key messages, including toll-free phone number and website. Our staff members love their company cars, and they have become skilled at answering questions from the public.

The result: heightened awareness of hospice, greater visibility throughout the community, referrals have increased (by 1 to 3 per quarter), and the business vehicles are a meaningful benefit for 160 employees.

Since “going mobile” in 2009, Heart ‘n Home has received many favorable comments, along with a few questions regarding confidentiality. While our vehicles do not violate HIPAA regulations, they are not used for patient transportation, and employees are trained to park away from the home. (Of the more than 3,000 patients we’ve served, we’ve only had two requests regarding patient privacy.)

Our vehicles also shout Heart ‘n Home’s pride in having received the 2011 Top 100 Best Places to Work, a national award sponsored by Modern Healthcare Magazine. “We credit this achievement in large part to our excellent staff. They always do what’s right for our patients and their families,” say Heart ‘n Home Owners Cindy Lee, Kristopher Stice, and Todd Stice. “They are our ambassadors, truly dedicated to providing legendary service every day, every time.”

With some 30 hospices in the valley alone, “going mobile” has enabled the company to stand out. “We want people to recognize our vehicles at a glance and to call us,” said Todd Stice.

“A resource on hospice and related topics is among our greatest strengths. Plus, by significantly reducing expenses, we are able to expand our reach to provide hospice services to an ever-increasing population whose financial resources are limited. At the same time, we provide safe, fuel-efficient vehicles to our employees. Our great-looking vehicles help promote the company’s brand and our reputation as a great place to work.”

“Of course,” Stice concluded, “our first priority is serving the medical needs of our patients with the most dedicated and qualified professionals. A positive work environment and innovative benefits translate into happy staff, which ultimately results in the best hospice care for our patients.”

Although your situation will be different, some of these ideas may adapt to your plan. For Heart ‘n Home Hospice & Palliative Care — a service provider with a wide territory in Idaho and Oregon — vehicle graphics are a natural and brand-building fit.

Whatever field of business you're in, check out Thomas Reprographics vehicle wraps today to get the word out about your business just by doing what you already do. Give us a call at 1-800-877-3776 to get started!

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